A Guide On What NOT To Do In Las Vegas

Everyone writes articles on what to do in Las Vegas like see this show or eat here, gamble there, but this article is about 10 things I recommend NOT to do Las Vegas. I have been there plenty of times in my life and I have made the mistake here and there on doing a few of these things on this list and just don’t want others to do the same.

1) Steer clear of the people in suits in the casinos that offer you the chance to see a “Free” show or have a “free” dinner. My husband and I call them “the cult.’ What they do is sign you up for a marketing time share presentation. They are usually hanging out by the lobbies or entry ways of all of the casinos that are located on the strip. There was also a time when they were just playing poker online while waiting. Unfortunately we were naive the first time we went to Vegas and we signed up for this at the Excalibur to receive 2 free tickets to the Tournament of the Knights dinner show.

We were told to meet in the lobby at a certain time. A shuttle bus came and picked us up and took us to a location that was about 15 minutes away. Inside were hundreds of people sitting at small tables that called people over in small groups to explain time share opportunities. We continued to say no, but they were very pushy. We stood strong on saying no and after 45 minutes of looking at pictures, brochures and pricing options for the time shares we finally made it to the end where we were taken into another small office and given our tickets. Then 45 minutes later we were finally on the bus being taken back to our hotel. Talk about a WASTE of time and annoying hassle. It would have been better for us to pay for our own tickets for dinner.

2) Don’t give money to the people on the streets selling CDs, poetry books, or whatever else they offer. You try to be nice once and awhile but they are all rude and very persistent. I gave a gentleman $1 once and he said give me my poetry book back it is worth more than that. After he gave my dollar back he told me to go give his brother $10 and I would get an awesome CD. I kept walking.

3) Homeless people are everywhere in Vegas. You will see them holding signs saying “Not going to lie, I need a beer” or “homeless, hungry and broke” or “I will back flip for $5.” I have seen many of these individuals take the money and walk into the casino and put it in a slot machine to try making more money. I would much rather buy them a burger or snack and hand it to them if I felt the need to give them something. You could go broke just by giving each homeless person begging for money $1 every time you saw one.

4) The Burlesque show at the Flamingo-

We paid $40 for each ticket to see this show. They try to be funny with a comedy act, but it is not. The girls are dressed in little clothes and have no enthusiasm on stage. When they “tried” to dance only a few actually knew how to some what well. Not worth the money at all. Pick a different show to see, you have many other options.

5) Buying cigars and cigarettes at the casino-

If you want to pay $4-$8 more each time go ahead. If you walk to a tobacco store or souvenir shop, which are all over the place, those items are much cheaper there.

6) Take Taxis-

most of them take you the long route for more money. If you do take a taxi be specific on which route you want them to take. Remember Vegas does have a city bus that takes you to stops at different locations on the strip to all the way down to Freemont Street and it only costs you a few dollars. They also sell full day to 3 day passes also for cheap prices.

7) NOT tip your drink waitresses-

When you are gambling you drink free (well sort of depends on how much you lose in the machines or at the tables). If you just tip $1 when your cocktail waitress comes around with your drink, she will be sure to keep coming back to check on you. I have seen people not tip at all and they tend to get the “poorer service”. Remember your cocktail waitress is on her feet her whole shift, most of them in high heels and skimpy outfits, walking back and forth serving drinks all day. She deserves a tip!

8) Leave money/check/credit cards lying around the hotel room-

Put them in the safe and lock them up. I had 2 checks taken from my checkbook that was in my luggage taken from a maid at one of the hotels in Vegas about 2 years ago. The worst part is I didn’t know until I looked at my bank statement 5 months later. When I put in a complaint of fraud, it traced back to a person that was working as a maid at the hotel I stayed at. Court case after court case, the maid being fired and 1 year after the fact, I finally got paid back. Don’t take that chance. It’s Vegas, unfortunately trust no one.

9) Walk across the street when the do not walk sign is lit up or Jaywalk. Everyone that has been to Vegas knows that people drive crazy, especially taxi cab drivers and locals. I have seen so many close calls of pedestrians getting hit by cars because they try to make it across the street when they shouldn’t.

10) Walk from the strip to Freemont Street at night. Let me tell you it is not a “leisurely” site seeing opportunity. Besides being a long distance, you walk through a not very well lit area that is not too safe. You will see beat down apartments and buildings,countless number of bail bond businesses, and “suspicious” looking people on the sides of the street. During the day at least you have light and traffic around if you choose to walk the distance.

Following these guidelines can help you a bit in Las Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Vegas and will continue going back. Just kept your wallet/purse close to you and make good decisions while you are there. You can easily get ripped off in this city by many people.

Sally is a professional copywriter with an experience of 15+ years. She wishes to share her keen knowledge of the online gaming world. Besides that, she loves watching sci-fi movies and is a tech enthusiast.