Arrow: Do Oliver and Laurel have chemistry?


Oliver and Laurel

Stephen Amell transformed from a forgotten, marooned grizzly into a fine warrior. Fans have taken notice and so has a little lady.

Arrow Episode 1.05 “Damaged” Still Images & Synopsis

It appears that his transformation and ridiculous body armor (six pack of heaven) has peeked Laurel’s interest. Were you surprised to find Oliver and Laurel so intimate?

We weren’t all that surprised that these two headed in the direction that they did, and so early on. They clearly have unbelievable chemistry, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to gab about these lovely characters. So, in a round table discussion with TVfanatic, we shared our take on the pair;

I love how the writers are re-connecting these two characters with each other. In the scene where Oliver’s told Laurel, “There was a time that I wanted to die. In the end there was something I wanted more,” that little confession impacted Laurel and Oliver enough to engage in a very stimulating spit swapping session.Swoons Even though I do believe that Laurel and Oliver have chemistry, it’s going to be interesting to see how Laurel will avoid their attraction. At least she’s not denying it.

“After last night clearly we are still attracted to each other. Oliver nothing can ever happen between us.” Okay, Laurel, if you saaaaay soooo.~ Romancia

The talk wasn’t all about love, we also looked at whether Moira’s trustworthy and the reasons for why she could have a ship in the warehouse.

“Leigh: I think Moira is entangled with some bad people. She cares about her family but she also had Oliver kidnapped and tortured in the first episode. I’m just glad we’re learning more about her.”~ Leigh

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Want to replay the kiss? Then feast your eyes on this fan made video that highlights all of Oliver and Laurel

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Arrow episode 1.06 “Legacies” airs Wed. Nov. 14 at 8/7C on The CW

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Laurel asks to see Oliver’s Scars, Oliver & Laurel Kiss [Arrow 1×05 “Damaged”]