Banshee Episode 1.02 “The Rave” First Details


Banshee 01Cinemax has released the synopsis for an all-new episode of Banshee, titled “The Rave” airing Friday January 18, directed by SJ Clarkson and written by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler.

Check out the synopsis below:

Proctor’s desperate underling Hanson decides to hold a rave in an Amish barn, selling homemade E pills stolen from Proctor to Banshee youth including Deva, Carrie’s rebellious daughter. Catching wind of the plan, Lucas and his team orchestrate a raid, but the effects of a tainted batch of pills send many revelers into convulsions, with one notable fatality.

Banshee Episode 1.02 “The Rave” airs January 18, 2013 at 10|9c on Cinemax