Black Sails: Meet the Captains Dead or Alive


Black Sails Dead or AliveSee Captain Flint and Captain Vane as you’ve never seen Them Before

Starz’ new action-adventure pirate series, Black Sails, premieres January 2014, but the network wants to get you acquainted with the captains running New Providence Island before the premiere. In their “Dead or Alive” promo videos, viewers get a look at Captains Flint and Vane. These videos don’t involve dialogue or any scenes from the series, but show what the men look like alive, and what they’d look like dead, which is a possibility since they’re pirates – criminals of the seven seas.

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In the first video is Captain Flint, played by Toby Stephens. Flint is considered the most brilliant and feared captain of his day. This new series is based on the Louis Stevenson classic, Treasure Island, but takes place twenty years prior. Flint struggles to hold onto his place in the Pirate hierarchy, but is constantly undermind by a fast-talking young man on his crew named John Silver.

Get ready to meet Captain Vane, the next great pirate captain on New Providence Island.Flint may be the most feared pirate captain, but Vane plans to be the next. The rivalry between these two men are at the heart of this series. As the two of them vie for the position of Top Dog, they also have to deal with the threat of extinction on all sides, and fight for the survival of New Providence Island.

Black Sails Premieres January 2014 on STARZ