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Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston’s Brings Subtly to “To’hajiilee’s” Climax

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston’s furious search for Jesse came to a head this week in episode 513 “To’hajiilee” when he orchestrated a hit gone awry. For the past several episodes we’ve watched as Walter White tried to reconcile with his ex-partner Jesse Pinkman, and save himself from prosecution. In “Rabid Dog,” both Saul and Skylar suggested to Walt that he put Jesse down, but Walter has been trying to find an alternative solution. That all changed when Jesse stood Walter up for a meeting and then proceeded to call and threaten him. Now that Hank is on his case, the last thing Walter needs is for a loose cannon like Jesse to do is blow apart his life and give the DEA the ammunition they need to put Walter behind bars for life. Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of Walter White over the past five seasons has been mind-blowing to watch, but it was his subtle performance this week of a man grasping to maintain control over his life in the wake of the realization that he may not be able to maintain all current relationships if he’s to evade prosecution that makes Cranston this week’s Most Valuable Actor.

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Breaking Bad 5x13 - To'hajiilee 6In the episode Walter spent most of his time reacting to Jesse’s threat last week. First he called Todd to arrange a meeting between him and Todd’s uncle so that Walter could order Jesse killed. Then when the two men finally did discuss the situation, Walter had a change of heart when he realized his reasons for killing the kid sounded immature and childish. In an effort to smooth things over with Jesse, Walter visited Jesse’s ex-girlfriend to ask for her help. Bad move! Jesse was already pissed at Walter for poisoning Brock with the Ricin, so the last thing he wanted was for Walter to go anywhere near the kid or his mother. For Jesse this was the cue to put Walter down like the devil he believes him to be. After Hank listened to the message, he and Jesse concocted a plan.

First Hank bought a cow’s brain and made Jesse lie next to it on the floor so they could fake his death. Then, Hank picked up Heull and placed him in “protective custody” by explaining it was for his own good. Walter is on the war path and is now “tying up loose ends” and Heull is next on Once Hank learned Heull had packaged all of Walter’s money and delivered to Walter to hide, which the man did in a van that was returned covered in dirt, he and Jesse contrived to con Walter into thinking Jesse was burning the loot. Bryan Cranston’s face sold this scene. At first he appeared happy that Jesse had contacted him, but that happiness quickly turned to anger once he realized his retirement fund was about to go up in smoke. After Walter realized he’d been duped, Walter’s anger turned into vengeance as he called Todd’s uncle with the coordinates so he could rally the troops and put Jesse in the ground. Unfortunately for Walter, things didn’t quite go as he planned.

Following the above scene, Todd and the troops arrived to lay waste to Hank, Gomez and Jesse despite Walter calling off the hit. Who will survive the Mexican Stand-off? Not sure, but my money is on the Neo Nazi gang. They have more men and more ammunition, so it appears Hank and Gomez are goners. The real question for me is whether Walter and Jesse will come out of the attack unscathed since they’re both caught in the middle of the gunfire.

Do you agree with our selection for the Most Valuable Actor? If not, who would you have picked? Be sure to tell us in the comments below, and be sure to tune in next Sunday for episode 514, “Ozymandias.” With only three episodes left, you definitely don’t want to miss a thing.

Breaking Bad Episode 5×10, “Buried,” Airs August 18th at 9PM on AMC

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