Breaking Bad: Inside Episode 5×13 – “To’hajiilee”


Breaking Bad 5x13 - To'hajiilee 3Go Behind the Scenes of the Shootout Between Hank and Jack in Navajo Country

Walter and Jesse’s deadly game of Chicken came to a head on last Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad. In the episode, Jesse conned Walter into believing he was going to burn all of his money in an effort to manipulate the Walter int confessing his crimes. It worked, but what Jesse didn’t realize was that Walter was the only one in their partnership who was advocating for Jesse’s survival. That all changed when Walter discovered he had been betrayed. In a fit of rage Walter ordered the hit on Jesse causing the two men to be caught in between Hank and Jack’s Mexican Standoff in “To’hajiilee.”

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In the first behind-the-scenes video the cast and crew have traveled to Navajo country to film the climatic shootout scene in episode 5×13. Aside from watching the tensions between Jesse/Walter/Hank coming to a head, we also learn that To’hajiilee, New Mexico is where Walter and Jesse first began to cook back in season 1 in their classic RV. Check out the video below and watch as the crew films the hail of bullets in a believable way. Some of the information is unbelievable. Like, did you know they used real guns loaded with blanks?

In the second video Jesse Plemons (“Todd”) discusses his pivotal scene in episode 513, where Lydia confronts the quality of his product. Plemons and Laura Fraser (“Lydia”) also discuss Todd’s feelings towards Lydia, and how he wants to please her. Bob Odenkirk joins in discussing Saul’s part in the episode that leads Walter to finally ordering the hit on Jesse Pinkman. Take a look as the cast and crew discuss “To’hajiilee” and what motivates their characters.

Breaking Bad Episode 5×14, “Ozymandias,” Airs Sunday, September 15th at 9PM on AMC