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Sports Wagering Skills And Strategies

Sports wagering can be a very good income-generator if you are willing to devote your time learning the skills and strategies needed to survive in the gambling business. It can be complicated at first but once you gain considerable experience actually doing it, it gets easier and simpler along the way. Below are some skills […]


Putting the Fantasy Back into Sports

I recently took part in my first fantasy baseball draft of the season one night last week. Ignoring the exam that I had scheduled the following day, I spent an hour and a half sitting on my computer asking myself these very important questions: Should I go with Ichiro or Derek Jeter in the second […]


Henrik Larsson, the Legend

Henrik Larsson has been one of the most dazzling strikers in the game of football/soccer in the last decade. He willed his threatened career to continue and flourish after breaking his leg in two places. He often forced his will onto the game and he often left his signature. Larsson was a beast in the […]