Cult Episode (1×05) Promo – “The Kiss”


The KissNext week on an all-new episode of Cult, Jeff and Skye attend a “Cult” fan costume party  dressed as Billy and Kelly when Skye’s drink is spiked. Skye begins to have hallucinations like one of the roofied characters on the series. Also at the party is Roger, who meets a mysterious stranger. Meanwhile, a big reveal regarding Kelly and Billy is finally shown via flashback on the show.

Cult Episode (1×05) Synopsis – “The Kiss”

In the episode promo for “The Kiss,” Jeff continues to investigate the weird blade symbol, and gets a warning from Det. Sakelik. During the course of his investigation, Jeff also gets a warning from his brother Nate who would like Jeff to stop looking for him. Though Nate is tied to a chair, he doesn’t really look that worse for wear. Is he really a victim as Jeff believes?

“The truth is a lie.”

Cult Episode 105, “The Kiss, Airs on March 22nd at 9 EST on the CW

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