I’m Just Letting You to Know I Know : Cult Episode (1×05) Review – “The Kiss”


Cult Season 1 Seeing is Deceiving

Since the beginning it has appeared that there was more to the Billy / Kelly relationship then first meets the eye. In “The Kiss” we learn that they once were married. Billy’s refusal to let one of his followers go isn’t as cut and dry as previously thought. He’s a man who’s lost his wife, and wants her to come back home. As this episode featured the pivotal moment when Kelly and Billy kissed at their wedding, it also signified Jeff and Skye’s first kiss as well.

Cult Episode (1×06) Promo – “The Good Fight”

The quest to find Nate Sefton ended up taking Jeff and Skye to a Cult fan party at the studio lot. As fans rubbed elbows next to the very people they watch on television every week, a DJ spun some tunes, and people got the opportunity to dress as their favorite characters. This of course meant there was bound to be trouble. True Believers were able to blend right in, making it difficult to spot the good guys from the bad. Once Lexi spiked Skye’s drink with some fandom drug, things really began to heat up when Skye pulls Jeff into a kiss as part of a Billy and Kelly Kiss-Off.

“I’m just letting you know that I know.”

The KissThe episode was pretty strong, and kind of felt like a magic show. While the audience is busy paying attention to Jeff and Skye, you forget Marti has walked off with some strange fan guy on a studio tour. That is, until he tries to bash Marti’s head in while touring the set where Kelly and Bill got married. At first the guy seemed like he just had a crush on Marti, and bought the tour to get the chance to spend time with her. As the episode went on, it became more apparent that he was mentally unstable. What was surprising about this part of the episode was the three True Believers who looked like bad guys at first  actually turned out to be pretty stand-up guys who had been monitoring the creeper’s internet activity, and knew he planned to hurt Marti at the party. This reveal shed new light on the True Believers.

“You have no idea what you stuck your nose into Mr. Sefton, and why you’re still alive.”

Up until now the True believers seemed like psycho fans who take the show too seriously. Then you have Det. Sakelik. We’ve known she was a True Believer since the Pilot, yet she’s always seemed to be looking out for Jeff. In “The Kiss” we finally learn why. Nate supposedly has made some sort of deal with the Believers in exchange for them protecting Jeff. What kind of deal he has made, and even if these people are Believers, or some other faction of the Fandom still remains to be seen, but now Jeff has proof that his brother is alive. The kicker is that the only way Nate will remain alive is if Jeff stops looking for him. At least according to Nick. Kind of hard to believe him when he’s tied to a chair. How honestly can he speak in front of his captors?

The KissAside from a few new characters like Stuart, the show basically focused on the characters we already know something about. Jeff and Skye may still be on their mission, but so is Kirstie. She and Roger appear to still be going strong, and why she really is involved with him has yet to be revealed. One thing that was revealed was that the enigmatic Stuart is in league with Kirstie and Det. Sakelik. If I were going to put my money on anyone being Steven Rae, it would be Stuart.

I really enjoyed this episode. The show answered a few old questions, but also introduced some more to keep me interested. This week, the two mysteries solved were Nate’s status, and how involved Kelly really was with Billy back in the day. Both of these were pretty major reveals, so I feel satisfied that they’ve finally been answered.  I believe we’ll learn more about what Det. Sakelik is up to soon, but who Stuart truly is will probably linger for a while longer. Another win was the development of Jeff and Skye’s relationship, and the possibility that Peter’s jealousy may make him do something terrible to either Jeff or Skye down the road. As for what I didn’t like: absolutely nothing. “The Kiss” was spot on, and has me eagerly anticipating next week’s episode.

Next week: Skye will continue to be affected by the Fandom Drug, and slip into a coma. Jeff will seek out Sakelik for help saving her life. While in the dream world, Skye will come face-to-face to someone she’s been missing terribly.

Cult Episode 103, “The Good Fight, Airs on March 29th at 9 EST on the CW