Cult Episode (1×06) Promo – “The Good Fight”


CULTThe party may be over, the effects will last long after the music stops. On the next all-new episode of Cult, Skye will discover that the drug Lexi slipped her is still in her system when she begins having hallucinations. Just because they’re hallucinations, doesn’t mean they aren’t real.

Cult Episode (1×06) Synopsis – “The Good Fight”

In “The Good Fight,” Skye begins the hallucinate that her life is in danger from Billy Grimm. As she begins to be taken more and more out of her mind, Skye begins to have trouble differentiating between fantasy and reality. When she sees her father in the fantasy world of “Cult,” it appears all of her dreams have come true. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse when Skye winds up in a coma. Can Jeff save her life before it’s too late?

“There’s nowhere to hide when the danger is inside your mind.”

Cult Episode 103, “The Good Fight, Airs on March 29th at 9 EST on the CW

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