Cult Episode (1×08) Promo – “The Devil You Know”


CULTNext week on Cult, Jeff and Skye have difficulty finding evidence against Sakelik. Without it they won’t be able to use it as leverage against her to get to Nate. Skye continues to spend more quality tile with her mother. Roger gets an invite from Stuart to spend the weekend at his Santa Barbara estate. Back in the television world, Kelly tries to get her sister Meadow back.

Cult Episode (1×08) Synopsis – “The Devil You Know”

In the episode promo for “The Devil You Know,” everyone looks like they’re in some sort of precarious situation. Jeff and Skye want to bring Sakelik down, and just when they feel they’re close to accomplishing that things begin to seem off kilter. Meanwhile, Sakelik tries to cover her tracks. When somebody decides to start talking, bodies begin to fall. Who will discover how close the danger really is?

Cult Episode 108, “The Devil You Know,” Airs on April 12th at 9 EST on the CW

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