Cult Official Episode (1×09) Synopsis – “Off to See the Wizard”


CULTFor weeks now Jeff and Skye have been investigating Cult’s True Believers, and now they’ll finally get to meet with them. The thing is: they’re deep undercover. When Jeff and Skye get the opportunity to attend a True Believer initiation, they take it. Of course, it seems like a good idea to tag along, but things rarely go the way you plan.

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THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME — Jeff (Matt Davis) and Skye (Jessica Lucas) learn about a new initiates meeting of the True Believers. Skye plans to infiltrate the meeting with Jeff following close behind. While Skye and her fellow newbie’s are being driven to the meeting location, Jeff unknowingly follows a decoy vehicle. Meanwhile, on the television show, Kelly (Alona Tal) suspects that Billy’s (Robert Knepper) followers kidnapped Andy (guest star Christian Michael Cooper). Thomas Wright directed the episode. Story by Craig Gore & Tim Walsh and teleplay by Steven Rae (#109).

Cult Episode 109, “Off to See the Wizard,” Airs on April 19th at 9 EST on the CW