Dillon Casey Cast as Brandon in CW Web Series ‘Backpackers’


Dillon-Casey-Backpackers Smokebomb web series Backpackers “what happens in Europe, stays in Europe.”

If Dillon Casey‘s latest tweets about sex have left you a little wide-eyed and wondering, don’t worry. This Canadian’s overtly shocking and ‘hanging loose’ comedic attempts may have been a foretelling of events to come, as the Nikita star who plays Navy Seal ‘Sean Pierce’ is getting ready for his new spring project Backpackers. 

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On Toronto’s The Dean Blundell Show, Casey announced that he was headed to Europe for sex and parties, as he’s been cast as Brandon “the wingman.” Brandon joins his friend Ryan as they embark on a journey to help Ryan get over his pre-wedding jitters. Casey says, “I’m the party animal, I’m there to help him get laid.” As to whether this promiscuous plan works for Ryan we can’t be too sure, but Casey promises us that his character will be getting down and dirty.

The official show synopsis states that Backpackers finds “recent college graduates Ryan and Beth embarking on separate European adventures leading up to their wedding. While traveling with their respective friends, they are free to act as singles, adopting the mantra “what happens in Europe, stays in Europe.” With the promise of sex on the horizon, it makes sense that Casey’s tweets have been a bit raunchy of late. The show hasn’t even started yet and Casey’s stirring up a media beehive with his pre-character demonstrations.

Backpackers is produced by Smokebomb Entertainment, a division of Canadian TV producer Shaftesbury. The 8-episode series will be shot in Europe Spring 2013 as 6-minute segments and broadcast digitally across web and mobile. CTV is launching the series with two definitive options: a straight narrative or an interactive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. Co-Head of Shaftesbury US Maggie Murphy says, “The sale to CW Digital guarantees an exciting North American launch for Backpackers, representing a new opportunity for broadcast and digital media to come together to create content.” Viewers from the 18-34 demo are the major target audience for the conjoining series and app.

The news of Casey’s impending European adventures coincides with Nikita spoilers that Division may not have a new character if the show obtains a fourth season. Casey mentioned in an interview with MSN Entertainment that “There’s going to be a lot of bodies hitting the floor; there’s going to be a lot of people dying. We’re going to lose some important characters. Division, as it is, may not exist.” We can’t help but speculate that with no social media activity surrounding Casey on the Nikita set, followed by a recent synopsis failing to mention him, that the unthinkable may occur. Is Sean Pierce going to die again – this time for good?

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Source: Dillon Casey Web, Smokebomb Entertainment.