Dream a Little Dream of Me: Cult Episode (1×06) “The Good Fight” – MVA Revealed


Jessica Lucas looks beautifulAfter getting roofied by her “friend” Lexi last week at a Cult fan party, Skye finds herself having an adverse reaction to the mystery drug. In “The Good Fight,” Skye winds up in a coma and hallucinates being in the television series. While Jeff tries to figure out what drug Skye was poisoned with in order to save her life, Skye searches for clues to her father’s disappearance in the dream world. Jessica Lucas’ performance this week stood out the most thanks to the way she played different versions of Skye.  Lucas was the Most Valuable Actor (MVA), because of the way she managed to  show Skye as a woman struggling to hold on to reality to a woman determined to find answers in the blink of an eye.

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So far in the series Skye has been a side-kick to Jeff in his investigation into his brother’s Nate’s disappearance. This week, Skye stepped into the forefront with a story of her own. Though the audience already knew Skye’s father had mysteriously disappeared while researching a story for the news, we didn’t really know much about her.Not only did we get to see her father (a dream version, anyway), but we also got to meet her mother. This was a nice change of pace since Skye seems to be a love interest for Jeff, and it would be nice if she was a more developed character. Lucas has always done a good job adding dimension to Skye, but this week she got the opportunity to show more layers to her character then even shown before.

After Skye fell into her coma she “woke up” to find her self inside the “Cult” universe where she interrogated Billy Grimm about her father. In the dream world, Skye began to receive messages from the television characters that she just needs to forgive, and give up her quest to stop the cult. Even though this was a dream, you could see the real Skye inside as she began to fight against the hallucinations. As strong as she is, Skye nearly comes undone when her father arrives in this new world. In this moment, Skye goes from a woman out to bring down Billy Grimm and his politics to a young girl who’s missed her father. Of course by the end of the episode Skye wakes up, but she wakes up with the added benefit of realizing she’s  known all along what become of her father.

Whether or not the drug’s purpose is to brainwash the user into joining the True Believers is something that will probably be investigated in later episodes. What I really enjoyed seeing in Jessica Lucas’ portrayal is how up until now Skye seemed like she could possibly be working with the bad guys. On a show like Cult, you just never know who you can trust. However in “The Good Fight,” learning more about her from her point of view gives the impression that Skye may be a good guy after all. This doesn’t necessarily have to be true, but there’s something honest about Jessica Lucas that makes the audience want to believe in her.

Cult Episode 107, “Suffer the Children,” Airs on April 5th at 9 EST on the CW