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Elmo Birthday Party for Less

Do you have a child’s Elmo birthday party you will be preparing for soon? If so, you may want to save the big bucks and do it yourself inexpensively. Let me tell you that it will not be like one of your usual casino parties in Denver but have close to the same fun and frolic. Most of the items you need you can either make or buy for under $30 and I will tell you how. Save the big money for the presents. The birthday boy or girl will be less the wiser and happier with more presents to open.

To have a birthday party you need invitations. Elmo invitations can be bought at the Dollar Tree eight for $1. A better idea, especially if you already have the materials, is to make free printable Elmo birthday party invitations. You can use the fancy card materials or you can use regular paper.

Here are two free websites with free Elmo invitations to download. You can even print your own Elmo envelope to match. The first free website is DLTK. DLTK is a free website that is for parents for every occasion. The Elmo birthday party invitation is beautifully colored as well. The second free website for an Elmo invitation download is from Ultimate Kid Birthday Parties. Elmo looked a little orange on this website, but for a free download it would work. Both websites promote themselves on the back of the invitation. The birthday party invitation looks professional and comes with envelopes’ download for free as well.

You may want some decorations for your Elmo birthday party. Every child loves balloons. Instead of purchasing Elmo balloons in grocery stores for $2.50 and up, Dollar Tree can also provide helium Elmo balloons for $1 each. This is such a deal you might want to buy five or 10 balloons.

If you cannot find an Elmo plastic party tablecloth in the Dollar Tree, another suggestion would be to use a solid color tablecloth. Red would match the Elmo theme as would yellow. You could also purchase a white table cloth with party decorations on it to match the Elmo birthday party theme.

Elmo theme cups and plates usually cost around $2 and up at the stores. To save on the cost, some Dollar Trees will have 16-20 plates and cups for $1 a pack. If you cannot find the Elmo birthday party cups and plates, you may want to use a solid color. Wal-mart is less expensive on quantities of paper plates and cups than the Dollar Tree.

Handing out goody bags is not a must. If you decide to give your birthday party guests a treat, you can pick up the Elmo theme birthday party favor bags for a $1 at Dollar Tree or you can easily find party favor bags in Wal-mart without a theme. Dollar Tree is less expensive when buying party favors.

All that is left for the perfect Elmo theme birthday party is a birthday cake or birthday cupcakes decorated with Elmo. If you choose to make your own cake or cupcake, most delis will sell the cupcake toppers. This will be less than buying a cake or cupcakes for your party. Toppers or cake decorations usually cost under $5.

Enjoy your inexpensive Elmo birthday party. With the money you saved hire someone to clean up and give your child what they really want – more time with you.

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