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Evaluating When To Move Up And Down In Cash Game Stakes

In the world of online poker, there are many decisions that need to be made, one of which has to do with the moving up and down in the different cash game stakes. There are times that you need to know when to move up, and times when you just need to step back down to the lower limits and get your cash game strategy back! Obviously, a good amount of this will come down to having good money management skills, and knowing when you should be bumping up in stakes. Regardless, we’ll take a full in-depth look here at everything, and breakdown how you can know when it’s time to make the shift and bump up the stakes.

Knowing How to Win and Keep Winning

It’s always nice to get to move up to the next stakes, because this simply means that you’re making money and winning at your normal stakes. That’s how it all starts, and how you can propel yourself to the next level. It’s a beautiful thing, but what’s even more important is that you find a way to not only win, but to keep winning when you get up to the higher stakes. A few of the key components of this include making sure that you’re still playing your game, and playing it smart. If you don’t stick to your game, and start to try to do things that you aren’t used to doing, then it’ll end up with your game getting ready by opponents.

Obviously it’s important to pay attention to other players at the table and make sure that you know who you’re up against. When playing agen judi slot online and poker, attention is really needed. Bumping up in stakes from something like the $0.10/$0.25 to the $0.25/$0.50 limits can make a huge difference in terms of strategy and talent, but you need to just know what you’re up against. Don’t go crazy trying to bluff or trying to make huge moves, because that’ll just lead to situations that you don’t want to find yourself in. Play smart and stick to what you know!

Lowering Limits if a Down Swing Hits

There’s no question that down swings happen in the game of poker. Whether you’re playing at the micro limits or the high stakes, you’ll find out that downg swings are just a part of the game. What’s important is knowing that when a down swing does hit, that you need to be able to move down in limits. For example, going for your normal stakes up to the next limits, but then having to move back down after hitting a rough patch doesn’t make you a bad poker player, not by a long shot. It just means that a down swing happened, and that you need to weather the storm to try and start to bring back in a profit once again at the tables. It’s a tough thing to do when it comes to moving back down when losing, but it’s what some of the best poker players in the game are able to do.

Multi-Tabling vs. Single-Tabling

When you’re multi-tabling, there’s going to be even bigger swings than usual. The reason for this is because of the multiple tables and constant cash that’s being moved around. You need to know that when playing multiple tables, that you should be watching your bankroll and being aware of where you stand in terms of cashflow at all times. If your bankroll starts to take a hit or you start to trend down, then take a break from playing and move down in limits. On the other side of things, if you end up making money, don’t run away from the tables, play until you’re planning to take a break, evaluate at that point, and then decide if you’re going to move up in your next sessions. Obviously, playing just one table at a time makes things a whole lot easier to evaluate, but many prefer to multi-table due to not only the action, but also due to the fact that you can make more money by playing smart and having more tables up at one time.

Basically, the entire idea behind moving up and down in cash game stakes comes down to knowing when you stand with your bankroll. Having strong bankroll management is huge, so just pay attention to where you stand at all times.

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