Haven Episode 3.04 “Over My Head” Preview


Nathan, Duke and Audrey in “Over My Head”

After Duke’s deadly decision, and a troubled organ farmer, Audrey and Nathan are in for another gruesome surprise. It appears that Haven may have its “first serial killer” and a woman is at the center of it all.

Haven Episode 3.05 “Double Jeopardy” Still Images

Could this be a trouble that feeds on people’s darkest fears? It seems like people fall victim to ‘it’ in several different ways, so where’s the connection?

Audrey, Nathan and Duke are on a frantic search to locate a missing woman before it’s too late.

Duke may have saved other’s from a life plagued by troubles, but who’s going to save him when his time comes? Check out the preview for episode 3.04 “Over My Head”, it looks like Duke is going to get another taste of death.

Haven episode 3.04 “Over My Head” airs FRI. Oct 12 at 10/9C on Syfy

Video source: Hulu/Syfy 

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