Hell On Wheels – Inside Episode 2.08 “The Lord’s Day”


Durant’s leading ladies

Who would have thought that Durant’s wife would pay hell on wheels a visit, but she has. Hannah’s taking charge and she’s got the Swede on her side.

Hell on Wheels Episode 2.08 “The Lord’s Day” Sneak Peek

“There’s a new sheriff in town”, and she’s cracking the whip on those who dare steal her man. So what’s a woman to do? Hold a dinner and invite the enemy. Lily is a thorn in all asses and Hannah makes clear.

“Hell on Wheels has gone to hell in a hand basket”

In“The Lord’s Day”, Durant returns to the railroad, he may be in poor shape, but he’s determined to take control of the situation. He’s found himself in a deep hole and is desperate to find a way out. Check out the cast of Hell on Wheels as they take you inside episode 2.08 “The Lord’s Day.”

The season finale of Hell on Wheels, “Blood Moon”, airs SUN. Oct 7 at 9/8C on AMC

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