Hit The Floor #WhoKilledOlivia REVEALED!!!


Hit The Floor Season 2 Finale

Tonight’s Hit The Floor Fans Will Finally Find Out Who Killed Olivia As Season Two Of VH1 Hit Series Finale Airs 10|9c!

Season 2 finale will reveal the murder of Olivia as the conclusion brings even more drama and suspense to an already complex and multi-faceted storyline in which the Los Angeles Devils basketball team make their final push for the title, and the police make a shocking arrest.

After the finale of Hit The Floor creator, James LaRosa will discuss tonight, 30 minutes LIVE post show will begin at WhoKilledOlivia.Vh1.com the the twists and turns of the season and the multiple endings that were shot to keep the fans and even the cast members guessing.

Hit The Floor Season 2 Finale 1

Source: VH1