How to Get Casino Hotel Comps And Discounts

Here are some suggestions to help you maximize your savings, even with minimal gambling. You must write these down in 먹튀검증 for your next game. 

Ask About Discounts When Booking

When you book your room, ask about discounts. If you use a travel agent, ask them. If you use the hotel website, why not call the hotel before making the booking and asking the reservation agent about any discounts or promotions. Search online for hotel specific discount codes and coupons. Additionally, when you arrive at the hotel, ask for the current discount policy and if there are any special price-lowering promotions being offered that day.

Get With The Program

Join the casino’s frequent player program immediately or even online before your visit. Every casino has one, they will issue you a card to track your play. They also offer special discounts and hotel promotions to members. Always use your card whenever you gamble. Insert it into the machine when you play them or hand it to dealer or pit boss when you play table games. You want all your play tracked, always, as this is what adds up to get your discounts upon check-out. Even minimal gambling with low stakes can help get you something. We also recommend limiting all your play to the same casino, again so you accumulate the most credit. Like flying the most miles on the same airline so you get the maximum possible frequent flyer miles.

Charge Everything To Your Room

To take maximum advantage of the potential discounts, don’t pay cash nor use your credit card for any in-hotel expenses during the stay. Charge all spending to your room. That includes meals, drinks, spa services, entertainment, hotel shop purchases, tips and everything else. This puts all your hotel related expenses on one bill, allowing for the most potential discount or reduction upon departure. If you pay for meals with your own credit card, the casino can’t comp you after the fact. You can always use your credit card or any preferred payment method after you’ve negotiated a satisfactory discount on check-out.

Keep all of your receipts of purchases you’ve made in-house during your hotel stay. Each time you buy anything or have a meal, you’ll get a duplicate of the bill you’re signing. When you go to the VIP desk to check out, have those receipts or ask for a printout in advance, to have handy in case you’re required to negotiate the actual discounted items from the bill.

Deal With The Casino Hosts Not Hotel Reception

When you are ready to check out, don’t go to the reception desk. Go to the casino host or the VIP check-out area. They are there to cater to guests who gamble and have a lot of power to offer discounts and keep you coming back. Be polite, reasonable and respectful. A few hours of nickel slots will not get you a free night. But a few days of constant play should provide some substantial benefits.

At some hotels with casinos, instead of discounts, you receive casino credits. That means you don’t get cash back or discounts off your bill. Even in these cases, speak to the casino host, they may be able to offer you something more substantial. Resist the temptation to use them for more gambling, which is just what they want you to do.

We recently stayed at the Morongo Casino near Los Angeles. We followed our own advice and accumulated all our expenses on one bill. Even though their “Winner’s Club” offers points and complicated redemption system, we went to the VIP host upon check out. They checked our bill, and reviewed our play over our stay. They kindly offered to deduct all our meals, a substantial savings. We had a nice time, and that made us happy, so we continue to recommend it to friends and will return again next month.

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