“LA Noire” and Company Blog

For many years there have been game companies and websites such as Baba Poker88 are competing for the best visual game. Now from the ‘80s to now, all the games have gotten more advanced and they seem more and more realistic. Although people do say that the more realistic it looks the better it is, well that’s wrong. I f you had a game that looks too realistic you get bored of it quicker. Now LA Noire is a nonrealistic art, where it looks more cartoony than GTA 4. The detail they put in these games is unbelievable, in fact, every pixel is detailed right down to… Well, what is smaller on a TV screen. 

The game companies are becoming OCD with the amount of detail in a game. With LA Noire you think about the scale of the map, it’s GIGANTIC!!! And you think to yourself how do they have so much detail on every building and object on every street all over the map. Well there’s not one person who doesn’t know the answer, companies have smaller companies that do different things and it takes a whole building to design the art of the game because all the people need their own space to work. Now although your thinking, “Hang on it’s all on-screen”. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. All games are drawn on paper first to decide what the objects and people are going to look like. But how much paper do they use? They must use a hell of a lot of paper for the amount of detail the game has.

LA Noire was brought out by Rockstar Corporation a gigantic gaming industry widely popular for making games like Grand Theft Auto. But before they were called Rockstar they were called DMA Design, they were the people who created Lemmings, so they went from that to what they have now. It’s awe-inspiring to know that a company that has been here before I was born, is still going now and probably doing better than it ever did. LA Noire is a next-gen game, they show you how much they can pack into a game. Soon they will be that many games using umpteen discs that we all start losing it. Well if we look to the future we see that the internet is getting faster and easier, so everything we need we can download and play. So if we want to play a game you don’t need all the DVD’s, we just buy them from the internet and download them. It will save a lot of money for the big gaming industries, also it will be better for the earth as well. Another thing about LA Noire is that you control the layout of the game, you have different options and settings to be able to play it your way. In the future, games will have endless options that it would be like virtual reality. Really though, you can have as many options as you like on a game, it’s all binary. There are endless options to where the 0’s and 1’s to go. LA Noire is an example of that.

When LA Noire came out it was expensive, now the reason for this is things cost more nowadays and you have to come to terms with it. Now, remember in the last paragraph where I said that when the internet gets fast enough all our games will be downloadable. Well in the future games will become cheaper as well because there won’t be any packaging or shipping costs. Which really is a blow to the transit companies.

LA Noire is an excellent game, it keeps us occupied when we need to waste some time. Although games are becoming the number one way to spend time on. It is keeping us from traveling outside into the world. We also sit at TV’s too often and end up getting fat eating while playing. Well, it’s only your fault if you’re like that, nothing to do with the games industry. You have your own choices if you want to sit at a games console all day so be it. Games companies get battered with complaints from parents cause their children to sit at their computer all day playing games. Where they should turn the computer off if he/she is playing too much. Now in every box of any game, they tell you a warning about playing for long periods of time, that it is bad for you, and can cause medical problems. If that’s not a good enough warning then I don’t know what is. LA Noire has the graphics that if you stare at it too much you end up getting the sick cause of the amount of bright radiating light going into your eyes. It is not the Games companies fault. It is Yours!! Right, you got that, well let’s move on then.

For us, games are becoming friends for us. They always keep us occupied and they never let you down. Well, they do let you down if you don’t look after it properly. All discs have a protective layer and if you destroy that your disc is liable to scratches and even more damage. When it’s all computerized then you can never worry about discs ever again but until then… Games are getting more gruesome, LA Noire always has blood in every scene. Also, naked people are always found on crime scenes. This is all they need to do to get someone to buy their game. They know that people will do anything for violence and pornography. Well, you think that it doesn’t bother you… Well, that’s wrong again some game has mentally attached themselves on people mind and sent them mentally. But that’s because they spent all their time on the game. Now I am not trying to spoil your fun but give the game companies a chance, will you? All they want is for you to play in moderation and to have rested in-between, it’s always the game companies that get shouted at about obesity and crime, etc. But we don’t take responsibility ourselves. It’s only entertainment, not a life job, so keep your playing time small but spaced and also enjoy them and not get frustrated, as the game companies get rich off your enjoyment, they make more games like LA Noire to feed your enjoyment more, and it keeps recycling like that. Remember it’s you that has to stop when you need to, not anyone else. Thanks for Reading

Sally is a professional copywriter with an experience of 15+ years. She wishes to share her keen knowledge of the online gaming world. Besides that, she loves watching sci-fi movies and is a tech enthusiast.