Major Casinos In Europe Are A Sight To Behold

The casino industry in Europe is not that dynamic and booming compared to North America or online at , Australia, South Africa and even Asia. Gaming laws in Europe prohibit casinos from directly attracting clients. However, hopes are high that transitions will be made to keep up with many parts of the world.

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Europe’s leading casino is the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco. Opened in 1863, this grand casino is frequented by the rich and famous and is one of Europe’s oldest. It was designed by Charles Garnier, the architect behind the Paris Opera House. The buildings of classic design are situated in formal gardens on a terrace that overlooks the sea. Monte Carlo’s gaming areas feature marble columns, gilded mahogany and chandeliers crafted from Bohemian crystal. Games available there are blackjack, baccarat, French and American roulette, punto banco, craps and trente et quarante. The casino’s sports club features the Les Palmiers gaming hall while its Le Café de Paris offers poker, craps, blackjack and roulette. Bars, restaurants and cabaret shows are also featured in Monte Carlo including the Train Bleu restaurant that features a dining car of a train way back from the belle époque era.

The Casinos Austria Group owns some of the elite casinos in Europe. In Austria, it opened the Casino Baden bei Wien which is said to be the most elegant casino because of its imperial and royal flair. This casino found in Vienna features glass and wood works and a ceiling depicting a sky full of stars. The Casino Salzburg at the Klessheim Palace, on the other hand, has elegant rooms with a Baroque ambience. The Austria Group also owns the Grand Casino Luzern in Switzerland which is located on the lake and the small yet elegant Casino City Zagreb in Croatia.

The other top casinos in Europe include the Casino Baden-Baden and Spielbank Wiesbaden in Germany, Casino Barriere de Deauville in France, the VIP National Club Moscow in Russia and the Casino Rhodos in Greece. Casino Baden Baden first opened to the public in 1748 and is also one of Europe’s oldest casinos still in operation today. Described by Marlene Dietrich as the “most beautiful casino in the world,” Baden Baden’s stylish rooms were designed by Parisians. The casino’s gaming area covers a total area of 32,000 feet and includes several luxurious rooms like the Red Chamber, Austrian Room, the Winter Garden, Le Salon Madame de Pompadour, the Margrave Room and the Florentine Room.

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