Most Valuable Actor (MVA)


What is The Most Valuable Actor

For most of the shows we cover, we find each episode has an actor that stands out more than the others. The actor absolutely owned that episode. This vote isn’t about the other actors not delivering or are any less valuable, but as we mentioned, it’s about who stands out in the episode. It could be a combination of great writing, delivered lines, emotional execution; basically, if it gives us goosebumps, or moves us it’s getting a vote. We’ve found that, depending on the show, it’s a lot tougher to see who got our vote. This means that for every episode we, at TVAfterDark, will decide who get’s our MVA vote. An actor can be voted several times, within a season, but only ONE can be chosen in each episode. You can see our MVA’s here.

Fan Participation in our MVA Award

We also get fans involved. Each month we will be asking you to vote for who your MVA will be. Your choice will get that MVA to be in our annual end of the season award.

It’s fair to say that depending on the popularity of the actor, one particular fandom might have the advantage of dictating this outcome. So we will have two types of award; one voted in by the fans and the other by the industry journalism/blogger world.

It may not be the perfect system but it’s a fun way to interact with other fandoms of different shows. Remember keep it “kind” off clean.

MVA Award – How it works

  1. TVAfterDark chooses a character to be the MVA for each episode of our qualifying shows.
  2. Choose a winner of one of the MVA’s for that week.  [fan participation]
  3. Winner of each week will be entered into the MVA winner of the month. [fan participation]
  4. Finally fans will have a chance to choose the MVA of the year with 12 MVA vying for the title. [fan participation]

List of our qualifying MVA Shows

If your show is not being covered for an MVA please let us know and we will be happy to consider it for our next season. We won’t add new MVA’s during mid season of a show.

2013 New Winter Show

The Carrie Diaries 9CW)
Deception (NBC)
The Following (FOX)

2012 New Fall Show

Arrow (CW)
Beauty and the Beast (CW)
Chicago Fire (NBC)
Last Resort (ABC)
Nashville (ABC)
Revolution (NBC)

Return Shows
American Horror Story (FX)
Nikita (CW)
Once Upon A Time (ABC)
Revenge (ABC)
Scandal (ABC)
The Vampire Diaries (CW)
The Walking Dead (AMC)
Dallas (TNT)
Being Human (Syfy)
Falling Skies (TNT)
Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family)
Suits (USA)
Teen Wolf (MTV)
True Blood (HBO)