The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review



The Amazing Spiderman 2 is a much-improved sequel to its predecessor and is another hit for Marvel Studios.

When Marvel delivers a summer blockbuster, it never disappoints, and “The Amazing Spiderman 2” was no different. The movie was released internationally on April 16th 2014, and it was directed by Marc Webb and stars Andrew Garfield as “Peter Parker/Spiderman,” Emma Stone as “Gwen Stacy,” Jamie Foxx as “Max Dillon/Electro,” and Dane DeHaan as “Harry Osborn/Green Goblin.”

The Amazing Spiderman 2 takes place in present time but at the beginning it delves more into the back-story of Peter’s parents, Richard and Mary Parker played by Campbell Scott and Embeth Davidtz respectively. This history helps Peter later on in the movie when he tries to discover why they disappeared. Shall we explore The Amazing Spiderman 2?

Larger than Life Action Sequences and Special Effects

When I saw the movie in IMAX 3D, Marc Webb made you feel like you were right there with Spiderman as he ran and swung by his web. The special effects crew also did an amazing job bringing The Spiderman world to life, especially during the final action sequence with Electro at the power-plant.

Too Many Villains

For me personally, I thought the plot for the most part was simple but the movie falls into the proverbial superhero trap of having too many villains. Electro and Green Goblin could’ve sufficed as the main villains without Rhino. I like Paul Giamatti but he could’ve returned in a future Spiderman movie as Rhino since his role was really small in this version.


One Actor Shines Above The Rest

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s chemistry is as evident in the 2nd movie as it was in the 1st (and it helps that they’re dating in real-life) but Dane DeHaan turns in a really good performance as Harry Osborn, friend to Peter Parker and enemy to Spiderman. Sally Field also gave a nice performance as Peter’s Aunt May.

Surprises and Disappointments

The biggest shock of the movie came when they decided to kill a major character which took me by complete surprise. However, I won’t reveal who it was so I don’t spoil it for the other moviegoers. As for as disappointments go, I don’t have many gripes about the movie.

Final Verdict

In closing, I really enjoyed this movie as it better than the 1st and I liked Spiderman’s cocky and sarcastic attitude as it was pulled from the comics. Foxx and DeHaan were formidable villains for our webbed crusader. It’s a movie I’d highly recommend for any action or Marvel junkie.