NERD HQ Panel with the Cast of ‘Let’s Be Cops’


NERD HQCast Members Promote the Upcoming Comedy

NERD HQ is returning to San Diego’s Petco Field for the fifth time this year. Cast members from the upcoming comedy,  Let’s Be Cops will appear in a panel at NERD HQ on Friday, July 25th at 1:15 PM. Very much like the big con. it’s smaller, free and fans get a more interactive experience. However,also refereed to as the ‘Convention for a Cause’ panels at NERD HQ do come at a price, but the profits go to charity and the panel quality is much better. Cast members scheduled to appear include,Vampire Diaries star, Nina Dobrev (Elema)  along with Damon Wayans Jr., Rob Riggle and Keegen Michael Key.

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Nina Letss Be CopsLet’s Be Cops is about two friends (Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson) that dress as cops for a neighborhood costume party and become s huge hit. They decide to continue to pretend to be cops, but get caught up in a world of mobsters and dirty detective forcing them to put their fake badges to the test. Nina plays a beautiful young waitress named Josie, and opposite love interest of Damon Wayans, Jr. While Riggle portrays Officer Segars and Key is Pupa in the upcoming comedy.

‘Let’s Be Cops’ Hits Theaters Friday, August 13th in the U.S.