Nikita Episode 3.19 “Self Destruct” MVA Revealed


Nikita MasksNo More Games – Nikita Fights For Division in Episode 3.19 “Self Destruct”

For an organisation who has just battled a major mutiny, Division’s looking okay – for the most part. While the title of Nikita episode 3.19 “Self Destruct” seemed to indicate that shit was about to get real for the few remaining survivors, our team ended up rising from the ashes to reclaim their fight for justice yadda yadda. At least, that’s what Nikita was preaching, and she has been right about a lot of things before.

Nikita Episode 3.20 “High-Value Target” Sneak Peek

While Ryan’s awakening seemed to shake the other operatives into action, it was Nikita who trumpeted the loudest this episode. From the way she tracked down Alex in the ghetto, to the flashbacks of her own “suicide mission” six years earlier, Nikita made sure her voice was heard. Her memories of life-after-Daniel’s-death were vivid, and Michael was (as usual) her biggest supporter (fight for your life, woo!) and Amanda (no surprise here) told her to go on her suicide mission; for if she truly had nothing left to live for, she might as well die. It was a harsh truth, but Nikita obviously saw the validity in it, because she decided her life was worth saving. Now, it was time to show Alex that her life is worth saving too.

The most enjoyable part of this episode had to be Nikita swindling that dirty cop into doing her bidding. We’re used to Nikita getting her way, but that fellow didn’t have a hope once she set her sights on him. When Nikita eventually realises what Alex is doing – fulfilling the quest Amanda had implanted in her mind – she manages to tussle her out of it. With a few nudges here and there, she breaks through to the real Alex underneath this broken façade, and the two gun their way out of there (much like old times, no?).

“We stop playing her game. She wanted us to be strong, we are. Strong enough to fight her. I don’t know if we’ll win, but I am ready to fight.” ~ Nikita

I decided to award Nikita (played by Maggie Q) the title of MVA for this week not because she rescued Alex (though that was good), but because she was the only one to fight for her Division family. While everyone else was busy giving up on Division and finding an escape route, Nikita continued to believe in what they’d set out to do – take down Amanda and the Black Boxes. Let’s not forget that it was she who dropped Percy from a gaping shaft into his glass coffin below, and she who commandeered Division from the hands of its founders. She has always been a force not to be reckoned with – but I wonder – can she save Division? Also, is it worth saving? It seems a lot of hassle for a personal vendetta against Amanda, though the release of those Black Boxes would definitely be a major threat to the Division survivors. At least Nikita recognised that they may not win, but they at least have to fight. And fight I’m sure they will.

Nikita episode 3.20 “High-Value Target” airs Friday, May 3 at 8/7C on The CW

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