Nikita Episode 3.20 “High-Value Target” MVA Revealed


 The Sword‚Äôs EdgeWould The Real “Sam” Come Out And Play?

This week’s episode of Nikita had many faces – new ones, old ones, false ones, hidden ones. We’ve come to accept Owen’s alter ego “Sam”, but the biggest question has become: is “Sam” Owen’s true face? Or is Owen actually the real Sam – and Amanda’s toying was actually exposing the sweet, beautiful soul buried underneath this harsh, selfish exterior? One thing this episode taught us was that something of Owen still resides within Sam, though whether he’ll allow that Owen-esk persona to come out of hiding remains to be seen.

Nikita Episode 3.19 “Self Destruct” MVA Revealed

This episode Sam (played by damn good-looking Devon Sawa) was on a mission of expensive proportions. Collecting together the richest bidders, he was crafting a high-stakes auction where the prize was America’s Dirty Secrets. While Nikita and The Last Remaining Few sought out a means to stop the Black Box from going global, Sam was enjoying his position of power – exuding dominion over Evil One herself, Amanda. Even Cyrus recognized Sam’s finesse this episode – claiming “whoever’s making the sale knows exactly what they’re doing.” Granted, there was something off about the whole execution (mostly because of Owen’s previous ‘d’oh’ track record), but Sam had proved to be quite resourceful in his short time as re-branded Owen, so we pushed that niggly feeling aside.

“Sometimes the best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.” ~ Sam/Owen

The moment that made Sam my MVA was when he proclaimed Amanda’s forthcoming death – while she was handcuffed to a bed. Damn, the man has gumption. Most of us would be cowering in fear if we were in the devil’s presence, but not Sam. Plus, it was exciting to see Sam in his element – schmoozing with the big-wigs, knowing full-well how to push their buttons. His only mistake, of course, was taking advice from Amanda. C’mon Sam, has your experience with her mind manipulation taught you nothing?

“Yeah. It means I lost ten years of my life.” ~ Sam/Owen

Even though Nikita and Co. interrupted his extravagant gala (hello hottie, wear a suit more often would you?), Sam is hardly fazed. Bit of fighting in the servant entrance?  No worries, let me adjust my collar and head back to the party. What I liked was Alex’s little convo with Sam about Emily – wait, did we see a softness in your eyes Sam? It would be tragically ironic if Alex was the one to bring Owen back from the edge (tragic, because Sean

Poor Sam had to put congratulating himself on hold when Nikita points out that Amanda used him to get her escape. Proving that you can’t knock a man when he’s down, Sam hightails it to Amanda’s location and fires his way into her line of sight (RIP random German). Don’t blame yourself for Amanda’s quick reflexes Sam, she has a couple of strategic years up on you. Perhaps the most shocking (or not?!) choice Sam made this episode was to destroy the Black Box – where’d that come from?! Could it be Nikita or Alex’s nudging finally got through to Owen? It doesn’t seem likely that Sam would relinquish his fate to Division. Maybe his plan now is solely to hunt down Amanda and firmly embed that bullet with her name on it in her skull. But if not that, what’s he going to do now? Well whatever it is, I’m loving more of Devon Sawa on our screens. His character is one I thoroughly enjoy watching – Sam, Owen or another-unknown-face-inside. 

Nikita episode 3.21 “Invisible Hand” airs Friday, May 10 at 8/7C on The CW

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