Skipping The Romance For Valentine’s Day With The Kids

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single or when your valentine is miles away? If you have kids, like me, it’s actually quite simple. Skip all the romantic notions and party with the kids. This year the kids and I will be having a craft and treat party. It’s not quite the same as getting showered with gifts and chocolate. But honestly, all that material stuff is not what love is to me anyway. I’d rather do without, even if my valentine was able to be here. Time is always the best gift. So it is not ideal to go on a expensive date over fancy dinners or with a full service casino parties. Spending time with your family will always be the best way to celebrate love. 

Valentine’s Day cooking is fun for the whole family. The kids and I will be making fun, red and heart-shaped treats during the day to eat later on. And yes, perhaps the bakers will be sneaking a little bit before the party starts. All we need, besides our usual baking ingredients is some red food coloring and a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Varying sizes of cookie cutters make it even more fun. Traditional sugar cookies, German chocolate cake, cheesecake, bread, omelets, casseroles, and so much more can all be transformed into Valentine’s Day treats with the cookie cutter and possibly some red dye. For pink, use only a small amount of dye. For red, use more. 

Crafts made with love are perfect for a family Valentine’s Day. This evening, our family table will be transformed into a craft table. OK, so that happens often in our house. But on Valentine’s Day, we’ll be making crafts for each other. The kids also want to sell some of their creations at a later date. If there’s anything they have inherited from their dad and myself, it’s definitely our entrepreneurial skills. What better day to craft items made with love than Valentine’s Day? It gives us all time to spend with each other and it makes the items that much more special.

Being without a valentine nearby is not so bad when you’ve got a family like mine. I’ve got a house full of kids to keep me busy. While I, of course, will miss my valentine, there’s no lack of love in my house. My valentine is always in my heart and the kids have plenty of the love that can only come from a child. When they look up at me showing me their crafty creations, it will definitely melt my heart. It’s not the same type of love I can get from my valentine. But it’s love all the same and I know I will have fun this year, even with my valentine being miles away.

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