Someone Always Talks: Cult Episode (1×07) Review – “Suffer the Children”


Cult Season 1 Seeing is Deceiving


As Jeff and Skye continue their search for Nate, the two uncover Detective Sakelik’s hidden past. Raw from Burt’s death at the hands of the mysterious detective, Jeff is out for blood, but is afraid to endanger the lives of his remaining allies. Skye has been so busy helping Jeff, that she hasn’t noticed she has her very own stalker, and she’s not the only one. Roger keeps running into Stuart unexpectedly. Now that Roger is planning on filming a new television series on the lot, he claims to have set his eyes on Roger as the lead. Meanwhile on Cult, Billy and Kelly continue to dance around each other.

Cult Episode (1×10) Synopsis – “The Prophesy of St. Clare”

Suffer the ChildrenAfter Burt helped Jeff break into Sakelik’s home to steal the cure Skye needed to survive the drug allergy she sustained after being roofied during the fan party, Sakelik put 2+2 together and shot the newspaper editor in his home. Apparently the wound was severe, because Burt ended up dying from his injuries. At the funeral Sakelik made sure to let Jeff know that Burt won’t be the last to suffer injury (or worse) if he doesn’t stop interfering ring in her plans. We never did learn what those plans were, but after “Suffer the Children” we now know Sakelik grew up with Stuart, and two more people (Luis and Annabel) at a cult commune. Jeff and Skye uncover Sakelik’s past when E.J. hands over a file on the detective’s history. This leads them to a large home up near Lake Arrowhead called “Moon Hill.” This story was very interesting. Sakelik has been a very mysterious character, and it was nice to learn something about her.

“I just want to ensure you I’m on this, and I won’t let it go.”

Suffer the ChildrenBesides finding out more about Sakelik (like her first name: Rosalind), we also learned more about her connection to Stuart which was pretty interesting. Apparently, as Sakelik, Stuart, Annabel, and Luis were growing up at “Moon Hill” the adults just mysteriously disappeared one day leaving Roz to care for the others. Being a child herself, Roz enlisted the others to rob the rich in order to support themselves. This seemed to work for a while until the state found out there were 30 children living alone, and proceeded to put the into the foster system. As it now stands, it appears the True Believers were born of these children who grew up at “Moon Hill.” Despite going on to have “normal” lives, they were never able to break their cult mentality, and have now fixated it onto this television show. I’ll be willing to bet that Steven Rae is also one of the “Moon Hill” children.

“None of us can leave our old life behind.”

Suffer the ChildrenWhen we meet Roz’s “sister” and “brother, you could also see the roles they all play within their family. Luis is the moral center everyone revolves around. Annabel is the baby that they all try to care for. Roz is the momma bear who fiercely protects her cubs. The new question this week was who is Stuart? He undoubtedly must be the father since he’s out taking care of their plan that suppose to give his siblings everything they’ve ever wished for. While Roz, Stuart, and Luis have been working towards some greater goal, Annabel has stayed out of the family. Until now. Once Jeff and Skye came looking for information, Annabel knew Roz must have done something bad. It’s a shame Annabel got involved. She obviously has been living in fear of her family for the past 25 years, and her unnecessary involvement ended up costing Annabel her life. Though I do understand why Annabel feared Roz, I don’t get why she cared why Jeff and Skye was investigating her. It’s not like she planned on warning her. In fact, I’d think she’s be happy to see Roz go down if for no reason then to finally be able to live without fear.

“It’s happening, Annabel. Everything we’ve ever wanted.”

Even though Jeff and Skye learned more about Sakelik, the only real thing they accomplished was getting Annabel killed. Granted they have evidence of Roz’s participation in a criminal act that resulted in the murder of a Hollywood actress. If they can get more evidence against her, they’d be able to put Sakelik away for good. The problem is: Roz isn’t alone. There are others out there, and one wrong misstep could quite possibly cost Nate’s life. So far, Jeff and Skye aren’t doing too well in that department.

“There were no adults. Someone had to take control, and that turned out to be Rosalind. She can be very cruel, and there were no adults to stop her.”

Suffer the Children“Suffer the Children” was a great episode. It was dark, mysterious, and offered up a few scares. Not only did we learn lots of new information, but we also were given a few things to ponder while we wait for the next new episode. Though we now know how the True Believers are all connected, we still have absolutely no clue to what they’re planning, except it somehow involves Roger. As Skye becomes more and more invested in helping Jeff, she seems to be completely ignorant of the dangers in her own life. Her ex(?) Billy has been snooping on her. I can’t tell yet if he’s just jealous about her new relationship with Jeff, or if he’s a True Believer monitoring Skye for the cult.

“Somebody was going to talk. Somebody always talks.”

In the television show we discover the reason Billy has continued to let Kelly investigate him and his followers is because he’s still in love with her, and still hopes she’ll return to him. This showed a vulnerability to Billy we’ve never seen before, and adds even more complexity to his relationship with Kelly. I can’t wait to learn more about their relationship.

Next week, Jeff and Skye continue to dig for more information to put Sakelik behind bars once and for all, but she’s not so willing to go away without a fight. While Jeff and Skye are busy with Sakelik, Stuart has made another move on Roger by inviting him to his house for the weekend for a hunting trip. Whatever Stuart has planned for Roger will most likely happen out at his cabin. The question is whether he wants to help or hurt Roger.

Cult Episode 108, “The Devil You Know,” Airs on April 12th at 9 EST on the CW