Spoilery Scoop: Game of Thrones, True Blood, Arrow & More


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Itching for some Game of Thrones goss? Looking for True Blood Teasers? Check out these spoilery goodies below!

Hiatus got you in a tizzy? Don’t worry, here’s a few spoilers to calm your nerves. Thanks to TV Guide for providing some info on some of our TV favorites.

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Everyone’s talking about True Bloodand no wonder – the series returns for an all-new season on June 16. Apparently, what’s going to surprise us the most is Warlow’s connection to Bill’s transformation/ingestion/morph into Lillith. You remember Warlow right – the being which killed Sookie and Jason’s parents? Yes, well that’s going to be at the top of the plotlines this season, to be sure. Speaking of plotline developments, Game of Thrones has some changes coming up, as the producers are looking to cast Oberyn in Season 4. This “highly skilled and cultured man with a vendetta” will cause trouble for one of the Lannisters, while making friends with another. Ooh goodie, bring it on.

Do we have any Hannibal fans out there? Yes? Well according to executive producer Bryan Fuller, Will’s erratic behaviour will hit its breaking point this Thursday – and our creepy man-eating doctor has a big part in it. “There’s a culmination of Hannibal’s manipulations. He’s taking advantage of [Will] to drive him over the edge.” Though Hannibal still sees his manipulations as “helping”. “[For Hannibal,] it’s a form of therapy to free [Will] from his neuroses and his personality disorders — to break him down and reshape him, perhaps in something closer to his own image. Hannibal’s radical therapy on one level works very well, and Hannibal gets what he wanted.” Yes he does indeed *shudder*

Anticipation for the Chicago Fire spin-off is heating up, though Charlie Barnett may not be heading in the spin-off direction. While there’s speculation over his move to the spin-off, nothing’s been set in stone yet. As for rumours, there’s also talk that Roy might become Oliver’s sidekick Speedy on Arrow. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim says of Roy’s future: “One of the fun elements is what I call the comic book destinies for each of the characters and seeing how much they’ll follow those destinies and how much they’ll deviate.  As we’ve probably shown a couple times in Season 1, we like to be unpredictable.” So that basically means we won’t know until it happens, right?

Source: TV Guide