Table Etiquette at a Casino Poker Game

With the explosion of popularity of poker with the American public and worldwide thanks to the World Series Of Poker, many new players are visiting casinos. When visiting a casino many want to join a poker game quickly, knowing poker etiquette at a casino can help. Many new poker players might have only played the game at home with a group of friends. Chances are the etiquette at their home game can be very different than at the casino. Others might have just watched poker on television. Again, what you see on television for the World Series Of Poker can be quite different than what you will see at your average casino table’s poker game. The people in the World Series Of Poker are given a little more freedom than you win at the average table. Knowing the general etiquette will ensure you as well as your opponents have a good time. At the Poker QQ site, the spending of the time and efforts will be effective. An invitation can be sent to the friends and relatives to increase bonuses and jackpots. The amount will be increased with real cash to meet the specifications. 

Join A Table That Is The Same Level As You Are

If you are just starting out playing poker you might want to check about free classes the casino has. Some casinos like Excalibur in Las Vegas will have a short class on casino poker before the game starts. This helps you in two ways. One way is that it will brief you on common rules for etiquette at the casino poker table, and the other is you will play with other people who are new to casino poker. The game that develops after the class will normally be a low stakes game. Keep in mind that if you join a high stakes game they will expect you to be comfortable with poker etiquette and will be less tolerant of your flaws in your table etiquette than a low stakes table will be.

Observe The Table You Want To Join First

Not only will this help you determine the style and level of play of your future opponents, but it will tell you what type of table it is. Is there a lot of table talk going on during the hands and after, or is it pretty quiet at the table. This will help you determine if this is a friendly game or a serious game. Keep in mind even at low stakes tables the game can be quite serious and your opponents will be put off by attempts to start conversations. Note if the dealer is the type that tries to keep a conversation going at the table and decide if that is the type of game you want to play.

Make Sure You Understand The Table Rules

Make sure you understand the percentage of the pot that will be contributed to the house as the rake. Also watch and see how much others are tipping the dealer. This is not a rule that you must tip, but you will keep the dealer in a friendlier mood if you do when you win. Your opponents may view you in a negative way as well if you fail to tip the dealer on wins. Splashing the pot is allowed at every table I’ve been at. This means don’t toss your chips into the pot when you make a bet. Instead put them in a pile and push them towards the pot but not into it. The dealer will count the bet and announce it. Do not string your bet. This means playing a chip and then following it up with another after you pushed your bet out into the middle of the table. Many dealers will declare that you must announce your action and then make it. Once you have pushed your chips to the center of the table your bet is over. This is because some people “string bet” to see how opponents react to the amount they are betting. Finally, protect your cards. Use a chip on top of them or another token to indicate you are in the hand. If you toss your cards away the dealer will immediately assume you are folding. By having your chip on top they will not make this assumption.

Make Sure You Have Fun While Playing At The Table

By observing the tables in the casino and choosing one that interests you, you will increase your odds of having a fun experience. If others are talkative at the table feel free to interact and joke around with them if that’s the type of crowd they are, but don’t do this with a serious crowd. Follow the table and casino policies as well. As long as you are considerate of the dealer and your opponents you are bound to have a great time playing poker in the casino!

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