Tasty Teasers: Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita & More


TeaserCurious about Jack’s next move on “Revenge”? Wondering whether “Nikita” will be extended? Interested in “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals” crossovers? If you are, check out these tasty teasers below!

With many of the TV favorites headed on their summer hiatus, a tasty teaser or two is always appreciated. Thanks to TV Line here’s some goss on CW series Nikita, The Vampire Diaries, and Hart of Dixie, as well as ABC’s smash-hit drama Revenge.

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Unfortunately Nikita fans, there’s no chance for this action-spy series to be extended past its ordered six final episodes. However executive producer Craig Silverstein says we can look forward to a vital role for Ryan right until the end: “Ryan’s talents when we met him [involved] peeling back the layer of a grand conspiracy — and there is no more grander conspiracy than the one we have for Season 4. So, he’ll be instrumental is spotting the patterns and forming their front against The Shop and what they’re trying to bring about.” The man behind Ryan, Noah Bean, says if Ryan has his way, “The final moment is going to be a Mexican standoff where we’ve all got guns pointed at each other. And then a car backfires and everybody fires their gun — and we’re all dead!” Surely the producers ignored this suggestion, right?!

With The Vampire Diaries headed towards an epic Season 5, executive producer Julie Plec says “Nobody knows the truth” about Jeremy’s resurrection – except for Bonnie, of course. This means Jeremy will have some explaining to do, “and it’s not necessarily going to make his return to his old life very easy.” On another note, successful Vampire Diaries’ spin-off  The Originals has a number of character crossovers – and one sister Original has made it very clear she wants nothing to do with her brothers and their quest in New Orleans. Will we see Claire Holt in TVD first, or will she go straight to the spin-off? Plec says: “We will see when we start writing how much of her we’ll see before she heads off to New Orleans.” More than likely, Rebekah will be happy hanging with Matt until something goes amiss. Especially since Matt’s world is about to change rapidly. Mabekah European Adventures, anyone?

ABC’s popular series Revenge ended on a major cliffhanger, and the man behind the character who finally learnt the truth about Emily Nick Wechsler says there may or may not be a time jump between seasons. “If it happens — and that’s a big “if” because it hasn’t been run by anyone else — we would pick up later. [If] it’s months later or a year or more, I don’t know. But it would pick up later.” Let’s hope not too much later – we want to see Jack’s primary reaction to this revelation – and find out how he escapes Conrad’s do unharmed!

To end our tasty teaser post, let’s talk Wade and Zoe from Hart of DixieWilson Bethel says a Zade scenario in Season 3 “seems pretty logical  though he agrees with Zoe’s move to leave Bluebell and head to the Big Apple to sort out her feelings. “It’s probably good that there’s a bit of anticipation about what she will do.” Speaking of – who do you think she will choose??

Source: TV Line