TEEN WOLF Comic-Con 2013: 5 Things We’ve Learned (Panel)


Beauty and the Beast Comic-Con 2013

Sex, Mythology, Choices & Spin-Offs – Teen Wolf Teases What’s To Come!

Teen Wolf prowled in to Comic-Con 2013 with an array of popular (and attractive!) guests, including Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, Crystal Reed, Tyler Hoechlin, Charlie & Max Carver, Daniel Sharman, executive producer Jeff Davis – as well as a surprise visit from Keahu Kahuanui (complete with costume!). Their panel, set from 6 – 7 p.m. in Ballroom 20 today, explored all aspects of the season so far, teased some outrageously exciting (and ominous) things to come – while entertaining attendees with their charming, silly and witty banter. Check out below the Top 5 Things We Learned About Teen Wolf!

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5 – Stiles may lose his virginity yet!

Stiles-Teen-WolfO’Brien’s character received his fair share of attention during the panel, with most fan questions directed at him – and Stiles’ V-Plates! Davis assures us that the Sacrifice-Your-Virgins storyline is mostly over, but he promises no such thing in regards to everyone’s favorite human! O’Brien might have wanted a Teen Wolf orgy, but it appears Davis has other ideas for his character (and his manly needs). Whatever the desires, we’ll find out in an upcoming episode whether someone finally strips him down and makes use of that gorgeous body of his!

4 – Teen Wolf heads to Japan!

Argent_Family_SecretsOkay, not actually, but the storyline is headed towards some very oriental mythology – namely, the Kitsune, which is Japanese for “fox.” Davis says the winter premiere will mark the beginning of sly legends pertaining to the fox – and its ability to shift into human form. Whether this means our current characters undergo a foxy transformation, or the season will introduce new characters harbouring magical tendencies – we are yet to find out!

3 – Lydia’s strange state will be revealed

Teen-Wolf-306-LydiaMost of the time, she’s the sassy brilliant fashionista, but occasionally Lydia scares the living crap out of us. Why? Because she chances upon mutilated bodies, and wakes up in strange places, and raises wolves from the dead. She might seem human to those around her, but this little lady has more to hide than just her crazy high IQ. Davis warns us that episode 9 we’ll discover what Lydia actually is – AND the title of the episode is a huge clue. So – “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” – what conclusions can we draw from that title fans?


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2 – One alpha must make a choice

Teen-Wolf-Scott-305The glint of Scott’s red eyes signifies he has alpha potential, but what if this kind-hearted teenager didn’t have to give in to murderous desires to become a leader? Davis tells us the story behind Scott’s glowing orbs has to do with the writers desire to keep Scott’s humanity but allow him to experience being an alpha anyway. In other words – we can hope to see that alpha side rear its head soon.


1 – A Teen Wolf spin-off?!

Teen Wolf battlefieldOne of the hottest topics at the SDCC panel was courtesy of a spin-off question, and queried if Teen Wolf had a spin-off series, who would be in it and what would it be called? Posey liked the idea of a “Scott and Stiles Show,” while Hoechlin decided he’s sick of everyone pitting sibling against sibling, and would call the spin-off “House Hale.” Reed, on the other hand, wanted her show to recognise Allison’s epic life-saving talents, and so would call hers “Allie A Saves The Day.” Spin-off or not, Teen Wolf is awesome nonetheless – and it’s only going to get better.

Teen Wolf Episode 3.08 “Visionary” airs Monday 22 July, 10|9c on MTV