Teen Wolf Episode 3.06 “Motel California” MVA Revealed



Lydia’s quick-thinking & ridiculously high IQ won her this week’s Teen Wolf MVA title…

Sidestepping the fact this week’s episode of Teen Wolf felt like something out of a bad horror film (OMG that receptionist made me want to rip my own vocal cords out), and how that suicide-Deucalion storyline came out of nowhere (I suppose the idea was to showcase how menacing he can be and how long he’s been terrorising werewolves yadda yadda, but the fact is – a semi-blind Alpha who likes to yell a lot really isn’t that scary), there were still a few key moments and characters who made “Motel California” not completely unbearable. One of them, who I’ve chosen for this week’s Teen Wolf MVA, does a fantastic job of looking freakishly out of her mind – all the while spouting her usual snarky remarks and clever intuition. Yes friends, I’m talking about the wide-eyed and luscious-lipped redhead herself, Lydia Martin – aka Holland Roden.

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It’s hard not to have a mini girl-crush on Lydia. She’s smart, sassy, stylish and she doesn’t take crap from anyone. This episode she took on a foreboding role, as the students find themselves at a creepy-arse dodgy motel for the night. From the get-go, Lydia felt there was something very wrong with this place – but as it is with all horror storylines, something had to happen before anyone believed her (it’s okay Lydia, believed you).

“I don’t like this place.” ~ Lydia

Maybe it was Stiles opinion that Lydia might be one of the bad guys that highlighted her actions in this episode. But if not, it could be her weird sixth sense (or maybe Lydia’s intelligence is so far advanced she can predict things before they happen). Yeah, bit far-fetched I guess, but you’ve got to admit – Stiles’ theory has merit. She DID inadvertently resurrect Peter from the grave, and her “uneasy feelings” are rarely wrong. In this instance, they were spot-on. *Cue the haunted happenings and things*

“Didn’t you hear that?! The two people in the other room – they shot each other!” ~ Lydia

Like Stiles, Roden’s character is one who rarely gets old. Even if the storyline takes a terrible turn, she’s this bright spot of brainpower – speaking of which, the moment that made Lydia my MVA was when she talked about “brain matter” on the walls. Ha, had anyone else said it we would have rolled our eyes in exasperation, but with Lydia it just brings a smile to your face. The tacky action continues, but our favorite tag-team (Lydia and Stiles, duh) begin to piece together the events of the night – and save a few lives in the process.

Quick-thinking and a ridiculously high IQ comes in handy when someone is drowning under a safe it seems. I was almost swayed in my MVA decision when Stiles confessed his undying bestie love to Scott, but then Lydia launched herself at the two of them and saved them from a certain fiery death – so she snatched that crown back (in typical Lydia-fashion). Oh yeah – and she spotted coach’s whistle which was filled with wolf’s bane and technically saved them from yet another repeat of this episode (god forbid). Basically, Teen Wolf would be lost without Lydia. Is anyone going to argue with me on that?!

Teen Wolf episode 3.07 “Currents” airs Monday 15 July, 10|9c on MTV

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