Teen Wolf Episode 3.09 “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” Review



Wailing Women & Big Reveals Dominate This Week’s Episode Of “Teen Wolf”

What is UP with TV shows this week?! First True Blood takes a nosedive, now Teen Wolf? Normally by this stage of the game our palms are sweaty and we’re anxious and losing sleep over what is going to happen next. But as far as the events of episode 3.09 “The Girl Who Knew Too Much,” I was more concerned with the state of Stiles’ hair than I was with the “Big Reveals.” Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad, but I think we’ve come to expect more from the series when it hits the last leg of the season. Somehow the writers have lost touch with the heart of the show (relationships and the supernatural) and have overdone it with stunt work and cliché dialogue (oh Deucalion is “one step ahead” is he Maran? That’s nice. Go back to combing your stunning hair). But enough ranting, let’s explore the real reasons Teen Wolf lost its head this week…

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teen-wolf-309-2Lydia’s A What Now?!… Yes, the identity of our favorite redhead has been revealed. Lydia is *drum roll please* The Wailing Woman! Aka a banshee, which actually makes a lot of sense. Maybe it was the setting, or the fact that The-Teacher-Derek-Banged-But-Whose-Name-Fails-Me broke the news, but the reveal didn’t have the impact it should have. Granted, Lydia could have been the tooth fairy and we’d still love her, but somehow Ms. Blake’s “You have no idea what you are” spiel sold her short. Nevertheless, it’s good the pieces of her warped identity have finally been put together.

“You find the dead body from now on.” ~ Lydia

Deucalion Is No Gerard… Gerard Argent may be wheelchair-bound and leaking black ink from his mouth, but he’s ten times the villain Deucalion is. The revelation that Grandpa Argent is also the reason Deucalion is blind only makes the “Mega Alpha” look like more of a weakling. Annoyingly, Deucalion’s ultimate goal to own all the Alphas is actually really interesting, but ever since he had that “I am DEMON WOLF!” moment I cannot take him seriously. Yet another fail on the writers’ part, perhaps? We should probably give Teen Wolf the benefit of the doubt though, as the show does redeem itself quite spectacularly. It’ll be fascinating to see how (or if) Deucalion can top Gerard’s nasty plans of Kanima domination (speaking of Jackson – who really misses Colton Haynes? *sad face*).

teen-wolf-309Daddy Stiles Is In The Know [Finally!]… It was a long-time coming, but at last, AT LAST, Sheriff Stilinski knows the truth. Unfortunately, his belief in the subject came a little too late. The Darach now has him in her clutches (Him? Her? Does that thing even have a gender?). One of the only heart-wrenching moments in this episode was when Stiles said to his dad “Mom would’ve believed me.” Ugh, where are the tissues? Kudos to both Dylan O’Brien and Linden Ashby for having the best father-son chemistry on the show. Now Daddy Stiles, don’t go dying on us now, you hear?

“So you and your brother were like bitches of the pack?” ~ Stiles

Overall the potential for “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” was there, but frankly – it fell flat. Without denying the adorableness of Danny and Ethan, the history behind the twins’ initiation into Deucalion’s pack seemed ill-timed. Not that we’d ever complain about half-naked Max Carver, but all this revenge-y shit acts like a diversion – although maybe it is? Obviously I love Teen Wolf so I’m willing to ignore stupid things (like Allison’s personal quest) and focus on the bigger picture – like how does Scott plan on retaining his humanity, and how can a pack of uber-strong Alphas EVER be defeated, and must we see Derek cry all the time because it bloody breaks my heart? Anyway, bring on next week already, I need more abs in my life.

Teen Wolf Episode 3.10 “The Overlooked” airs Monday 5 August, 10|9c on MTV