The 100: Five Things We Learned At SDCC 2014



Terror, Tribulation and The Men in White: 5 Things We Learned From CW’s The 100 Panel at SDCC 2014

It was a crazy and exciting day for fans of CW’s smash hit series The 100, as we sat down for the show’s exciting panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Fans were excited to see not only what may be in store for Season 2, but also what motivations lay behind the decisions that led to that devastating but brilliant Season 1 finale. So from clever plans to tantalising teasers, here’s five things we learned at today’s panel, which included EP Jason Rothenberg, Eliza Taylor, Devon Bostik, Ricky Whittle, Isaiah Washington, Marie Avgeropoulos and Lindsay Morgan.

1. We’re going to learn a lot more about the other Grounder peoples on Earth through Lincoln and Octavia.

Given that Lincoln and Octavia made their great escape from the battle – away from the camp and away from the terror Lincoln’s people are about to rain down on the Survivors – it was always going to be interesting to see not just where they’d run away to, but to whom. EP Jason Rothenberg noted that we’re going to get a deeper look through these people’s eyes into the broader culture of the Grounders, in particular the fact that they actually have their own language, which Rothenberg describes as a kind of creole, hybrid English. A cool fact is that her interest in taking on new challenges led Marie Avegeropoulos to learn to speak it. She even gave the audience a (highly impressive) demonstration. In any case, it will be interesting to see how this little bit of culture will fit into the new season.

2. They’re not afraid to put the actors in real life situations to make the scenes more believable.

Remember that horrific scene with Charlotte throwing herself off the cliff in penance after admitting she’d killed Wells? Well so does Eliza Taylor, with a painful recollection. A stickler for realism, Rothenberg had the actors stand out on an actual cliff in the dark, wind and rain to complete that scene: a scene that made for a very hard professional moment to deal with. She also noted that she hadn’t expected the role to be as physical as it was, but that as hard as it was, it was a challenge she’d enjoyed because of how it had pushed her to improve. Indeed, she is adamant that in this role, she knows she is doing and trying things she has never attempted before, and that this was something she greatly enjoyed in her role.

3. The writers have something…special in store for Chancellor Jaha.

It was a hard moment to watch as we farewelled the selfless leader of the people of the Ark, as he stayed behind to make the sacrifice that would send his people to earth. But have we seen the last of him? Can we really have said goodbye to a character that we technically never saw die? About this, the actor that portrays Jaha – the incomparable Isaiah Washington – remained very coy, although given that he appeared with today’s cast, it may just a be a sign that we perhaps shouldn’t completely count out the Chancellor just yet when it comes to his earthly desires.

4. The Raven Remains

That’s right folks. The badass Raven – played with such strength and sass by Lindsay Morgan in Season 1 – will be back for more in Season Two, but just how that will happen remains to be seen, considering her horrific injury at the hands of Murphy (a character who Rothenberg notes adamantly that he hopes he’s laying in a puddle of mud somewhere – obviously no lurking sympathy there for the bitter exile). Morgan for one though is absolutely thrilled to be coming back and kicking some ass in season two, and the fans agreed, with some even going so far as to dress like her specifically for the panel. That said, she’s not the only one. Eliza notes that actually Raven had one of the scenes that affected her most: in episode ten when Raven was sick and broke up with Finn so he was free to be with Clarke. Eliza was actually moved to tears by that moment, and it’s exactly that kind of effect that has her believing that Raven should be around for the long run. So with that in mind, I think we can safely say that the once rebellious outcast has been very much accepted into The 100 creative fold.

5. Not all is as it appears under the Mountain.

It was an horrific and totally unexpected moment at the end of last season when Clarke awoke after the battle – with the human ashes of Grounders and Survivors still falling from the air – in a minimalist white medical cell, locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Even more unexpected at the time was to see Monty’s face peering back at her from the other side of the corridor. In Season Two though, we’ll be heading straight back into that fray as Clarke sets about making work as to who is responsible for her imprisonment, and the people we find there may not be at all what we expected either. Indeed, this seems to be the biggest theme of the show these days: what you think you know, you don’t know at all.

So there you have it folks: all the juicy goss from today’s The 100 panel.

That said, even though they don’t exactly fit into the above categories, here are a few other fun facts we learned today:

  • It takes Ricky Whittle 8 straight hours to put on all his make up in order to play Lincoln each time he suits up.
  • Devon Bostick is really hoping his character continues on, because he feels like he’s already had his fill of death.
  • If Eliza could take any member of her co-stars out into the wilderness in the hope of survival, she’d take Devon because he’s good at making everyone laugh.
  • Marie Avegeropoulos – like her character Octavia – is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, preferring to make her way around the place on the back of a motor bike as opposed to a car.
  • Rothenberg teases that while the parents of the Survivors may be on the ground now – and perhaps looking to re-establish authority, they are far greener than their children when it comes to knowing how to survive in the wild. Indeed the EP likened giving control back to them like giving the car keys back to a parent who doesn’t know how to drive the car.