ABC Drama “The Whispers” Heads To Vancouver For Filming


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The Whispers Cast Aren’t Exactly Thrilled With The News of Relocating To Canada

Yikes! Bitter sweet upfront news for the cast of The Whispers.

According to Deadline the actors Milo Ventimiglia, Lily Rabe and Barry Sloane from the new ANC alien drama The Whispers, aren’t happy that they’re leaving Los Angeles to start filming the series after its successful pilot pickup announced during the upfront 2014.

Despite Los Angeles being the perfect location and climate for the drama series along with its many production facilities and experienced crews. The reason behind the move is apparently California doesn’t have the kind of tax breaks offered in Canada. What does this mean exactly? If you want the chance of The Whispers becoming a success and not joining the list of shows be renewed for the second season. You take a hard long look at the budget.

Producing broadcast series is a very high risk business, with more than 80% of the shows not making it to Season 2. As one studio executive put it, for a network drama series, the goal in Season 1 is never profit but minimizing the losses. With no intensives for broadcast series that originate in California, filming out of state sheds up to $400,000-$500,000 off the budget of every episode, savings studios can’t easily pass on. Of 28 new drama series for the 2014-15 season, 20 will be filmed out of California as legislation to expand the state’s current $100 million Film and TV tax credit program is currently grinding its way through the legislature.

The trailer for The Whispers gave our staff chills and by far was the most intriguing ABC drama series to roll out of upfront 2014. Not having direct access to writers and executive producers along with a nice list of possible guest actors and directors frankly shows frankly shows that saving dollars far out weighs these advantages.

As for how hard a stance will the actors take in leaving Los Angeles? Most likely with all the contractual obligations the cast will be headed to Vancouver. Let’s hope things get better from here on out.