Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 1×04 “Eye-Spy” Review


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 1×03

A Lifeline in Otherwise Potentially Rough Waters…

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is starting to pick up the pace and “Eye-Spy” is no exception.  We’re fully in the world of a S.H.I.E.L.D operative, so there’s no need to keep things slow.  It’s believable to us now (as believable as a world full of superheroes and camera eyeballs can be).  Skye is a shining, sarcastic gem and she holds the rope tying us to the action.  Coulson is without children, but he’s certainly becoming a father figure with his search for a lost pupil (didn’t mean for that pun to happen, but I’m not taking it back), and I’d say it’s a fitting promotion since his Avenger fanboy days.  Akela is a worthy addition to the show.  Her screen time is short lived, but it’s compelling all the same.

Skye, played by Chloe Bennet, keeps me watching the show to be perfectly honest.  Without this wide-eyed newb, I’m not sure I’d tune in every week.  The show would be just fine without her, but that’s all it would be: fine.  She’s just the right amount of sugar, spice, and everything S.H.I.E.L.D.  Perfectly casted, and new to the fictional program just like us!  That’s what’s so appealing about her.  She’s not a veteran like Fitz or May.  Of course, her Rising Tide expertise and intelligence keeps her on a somewhat even playing field with the others, but she’s the closest thing to placing an Average Joe in the thick of things.  Though none of the main characters have super powers, sometimes it feels as if they do simply because what they do for a living is so foreign to us.  Skye relates to the viewer on a level that the others can’t.  And she’s wonderfully written.  All of the memorable lines come from her.  Skye is definitely favored to win the “Favorite Character” race I currently have running in my mind.  Also, the shipping of Skye and Ward has commenced.  It can’t be helped.  Their hands touched in the van.  It doesn’t take much for me.

“What are we supposed to do if we have to pee?” ~ Skye

Agent Coulson: A Loveable Mystery…

Phil certainly has come a long way, hasn’t he?  Though I feel our main chap has been a bit lacking in his sense of humor as of late, I’m grateful to see this guarded, fatherly side of Coulson.  Really, he’s quite the mother hen.  It’s a far cry from the character’s days in film and they’re playing it well.  Akela makes the observation at one point that Coulson is a changed man.  She also gives the impression of said changes possibly not being wholly positive, like we should be at least a little worried.  At first, it looked like they were just taking Coulson in a drastically different direction for no reason at all, but now it seems the writers have a purpose for this change of heart.  There’s a feeling lurking in my cranium telling me it concerns much more than his near death experience.  And yes, I’m taking the bait.  You win this round, writers.

“AC’s just way cooler.  ‘Cause you are.  Cool.” ~ Skye

And now, to the catalyst…

Akela Amador is so freakin’ cool and the best villain (except not really) thus far.  This was leaps and bounds better than the typical “agent gone rogue” storyline.  The fight scene between Amador and May was completely awesome and well choreographed.  The only downside to her gripping stint on the show?  The audience won’t be seeing her for a quite a while, if ever again.  Hopefully, they weren’t merely using her as a tool for Coulson’s character development.  I, personally, would love to see her make another appearance in the future.  Maybe next time, our resident pilot and Amador can fight on the same side.  Nothing better than a couple of ready-to-rumble ladies kicking ass and taking names!

“Either I kill you, or they kill me.” ~ Akela Amador

“Eye-Spy” was pretty solid as far as episodes go.  Nice twists and turns along the way.  Still a few wrinkles to iron out, though.  Fitz and Simmons are adorable, but as I’ve said, they need more.  The other characters are meatier now, but our too cute scientists continue to feel like puddles instead of oceans.  I’m sure this will be fixed in the future.  It will just take a smidgen of patience on our part.  Overall, a commendable performance with good writing and an engaging plot.  Our agents are truly beginning to go somewhere and it’s an exceedingly interesting road we’re heading down.