Beauty and the Beast Episode 2×09 “Don’t Die On Me” Review



“Beauty and the Beast” Shakes It Up In This Week’s All-New Episode…

There’s nothing quite so cruel as a hiatus, but when that hiatus relates to Beauty and the Beast and the fate of our favourite beast? It’s basically torture. After an explosive ending to “Man or Beast?” episode 2×09 “Don’t Die On Me” was both a relief and a major cause for panic. While Vincent and Tori are safe from flying pieces of shrapnel, the same can’t be said for their beastly status. Public Enemy No. 1 aka Muirfield might be locked up in a jail cell, but as it turns out, the truth about the experiment hasn’t remained quite so hidden. With new enemies surfacing and our VinCat hearts breaking, “Don’t Die On Me” was an emotional rollercoaster of feels. Let’s chat about it, shall we Beasties?

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Don’t Die on MeChange Is Here, It Is Nigh, It Is Now… One of the worst things about VinCat’s breakup was how inevitable it felt. It’s like when you wake up with an unsettling feeling in the pit of your stomach; the sixth sense that tells you something bad is going to happen and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. From the second Vincent and Tori kissed in that apple orchard, we knew the circumstances were against our beloved couple. But – much like a dish you can see you’re going to drop but still can’t catch in time before it breaks – VinCat went their separate ways and there was little to change that fact. The bizarre thing Beasties (and don’t kill me please) is that I can see how Vince and Tori fit together; much like I can see Gabe and Cat dating each other. It’s strange because if you’d asked me 4 episodes ago, I’d have beasted out and clawed somebody at even the thought of Vince and Cat with other people (let alone Gabe and Tori). But when Vince decided to turn on Bio Dad Bob, Cat finally saw the man Vincent had become. She’d been fighting for her relationship with the old Vincent; not Vincent 2.0. We can hardly blame Cat for hitting the exit button on their fairytale, for it was no longer the real-life dream she could hold onto. She put it perfectly when talking to Gabe – that when Vincent saved Tori instead of her, it was like she no longer felt responsible for him. While it was heart-breaking, I’m actually glad for Catherine. She’s never been a weakling, and this was another empowering decision she had to make. It would have been against her character to stay tethered to Vincent while he continued running after Tori.

“I really didn’t want it to end this way. But I guess it has.” ~ Cat

Don’t Die on MeYou Can’t Hide Anymore… The biggest shocker in this episode was Vincent’s (or should I say Tori’s?) decision to come out of the shadows and reclaim his identity. Granted, he’d been shot twice and if he hadn’t received medical attention he probably would have died, so the choice was essentially out of his hands… but still. Wow. Welcome back Vincent Keller, Soldier, Doctor, Fire-fighter. What will your parents say?! That’ll be a reunion to remember, for sure (*cringes* I don’t envy you Vince, explaining your whereabouts for the last 10 years. Good luck with that). As for the rest of society – I guess that’ll be an entirely different ballgame. Wonder how Tori plans on helping you with an alibi? Should we be concerned about medical examinations and what they reveal? Heck, will Vince and Tori open the lid on Muirfield’s experiments – either knowingly or unwillingly? So many complications! And then, if the mayhem does settle down, will Vince go back to medicine? Would he enlist again? And while we’re delving into the past, what about his ex Alex?! Let’s not forget, the last time we saw her she was being stalked by an agent of Muirfield. Is she okay? If she sees Vincent on TV, will she come back? The questions Beasties! But I do admit, I love this plot twist. Vincent couldn’t stay in hiding forever, and this opens up a whole foray of possibilities for where the rest of this season (and future seasons) could take us. It’s encouraging because – to be totally honest – I’d lost interest in everything but VinCat kisses. Now that the writers have torn that away and given us a new bone to chew on, I’m eager to see what awaits Vincent in his Life-After-Life-After-Death.

“I know you’re afraid. So am I. But you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing to apologize for. You’ve got a great story to tell. Vincent Keller. War hero. Nobody has to know our secret. And they won’t. We can do this Vincent. Together.” ~ Tori

Don’t Die on MeThe Bane Of J.T’s Existence… Shocker of all shockers, J.T. was the one who dobbed Vincent into Muirfield! Anyone else as astounded as me at this revelation? For one thing, it explains why J.T. feels so responsible for Vincent, but what an awful way to live! Although, I’m with Tess – it’s not as if J.T. hasn’t paid him back a million times over. He might think he owes Vincent but a lesser friend wouldn’t have stuck around all these years to look out for him. I love that Tess arrested/rescued J.T. for stealing blood. Even if Vince is losing bestie points at the moment, at least Tess is looking after our favorite geek. On a side note, what’s the dealio with Tori’s dad’s hidden vault? Why were those ‘antique dealers’ so interested in seeing it? Better yet, how many people did Kurt tell about his beastly side? He obviously didn’t air the same caution of other beasts, and it’s probably safe to say whatever’s in that vault (or was, by the looks of those skeletons) isn’t good. I can’t help but fear it wasn’t designed for another creature or mysterious being, but actually crafted for Kurt himself. We know that the beast gene gets stronger as time goes by… what if Kurt used the vault as his own personal cage? What if he’d evolved into such a monster, he knew it’d be his home someday? I suppose that doesn’t answer the question as to why the ‘antique dealers’ wanted it, but still – it’s something to ponder on. Right Beasties?

“Muirfield didn’t choose him randomly. I put his name on the list. Yeah. Me. His best friend.” ~ J.T.

This episode was a definite improvement on the previous one. I’ve (reluctantly) become extra critical of this season since it never quite picked up its game after “Who Am I?”. But after this episode my faith is gradually being restored. No I’m not happy VinCat have broken up, but I believe such a turmoil was needed to spice things up in our BatB land. This definitive shift between what we’ve all come to expect of Beauty and the Beast – that Vince and Catherine would always find their way back to each other – to a scary unknown (how is it that Vince and Tori now seem destined to be together?) gives viewers the chance to fret a little. Such unpredictability is what keeps a show going; keeps the viewer from becoming comfortable in the assured fact that “Everything’s going to be okay.” Because what if it isn’t? What if VinCat don’t get back together? Rather than hate the writers, I have to commend them for this bold move. As Beasties, we don’t really like change. But when that change has to do with VinCat? We’re downright vicious. Knowing that, the writers are ridiculously brave to take that chance with this show. So – kudos to writer Eric Tuchman and director Mairzee Almas. Thank you for stirring the pot and being valiant enough to do so. I look forward to what awaits us in “Ancestors.”

Beauty and the Beast Episode 2×10 “Ancestors” airs Monday 20 January at 9/8c on The CW