Beauty and the Beast Episode 2×10 “Ancestors” Review



Bad Boys & Beastly Ancestors – “Beauty and the Beast” Impresses With A Whole New Story Arch…

It’s not every day the dead rise again, but for this week’s Beauty and the Beast our main protagonist learnt exactly what would happen if he did (and by all counts and purposes, Vincent Keller is back and alive and kicking). Episode 2×10 “Ancestors” might have touched on Vincent’s new life in the spotlight, but it delved much deeper than talk shows and sudden celebrity status. While Cat went undercover on a gem-hunting mission and subsequent Bad Guy takedown, Vincent stumbles upon the same information and wouldn’t you know it? Our favorite pair crossed paths in the most uncomfortable of fashions. With new loves developing and ancient truths resurfacing, “Ancestors” was a tricky though enjoyable tale of the future, the past and the grey area in-between. Now for our own investigating…

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"Ancestors"“The Talk”… Ignoring the fact that Vincent’s stint on the talk show (very un-originally dubbed “The Talk”) was uncomfortably corny, I can understand what the writers were trying to convey. If an American soldier – presumed dead for 10 years – miraculously turned up in the hospital with gunshot wounds and a wild story of decade-long amnesia, of course the public is going to be interested. Hell, if I was Ellen DeGeneres I’d want a piece of that goss too. What was particularly intriguing about this introduction was Vincent’s angry reaction afterwards. Tori may think this will be butterflies and roses to Vincent: easy as pie and nothing a decorated soldier can’t handle. But the fact of the matter is, Vince has been in hiding for 10 years. He’s built a life completely opposite to this new reality he’s been forced into. To him, it’s not just reclaiming his identity – it’s stepping into another universe. He may have ditched Muirfield, but now he’s got the whole world watching him. No wonder he wants to scramble back into the shadows and sniff out his beastly history (I’ll get to the gem debacle shortly). As for “The Talk,” Cat received her own chatting to when Tess caught her reading the scoop on Vincent Keller, Risen One. It’s so easy to like Tess (largely due to the effervescent Nina Linsandrello), especially when she’s got her BFF Advice Hat on. Cat wasn’t the only one she gave sound advice to; Gabe copped a dose of benefits to the waiting game… and it looks like both wise tidbits worked in their favour. The common denominator? Tess. Yep, we could all do with a friend like her around.

“I think you know that right now you’re better off without Vincent in your life… but it’s gonna take more than a couple of weeks to figure out what your life looks like without him.” ~ Tess

"Ancestors"The Future Is In The Past… While it was difficult not to laugh whenever someone mentioned “The Gem,” I liked this twist in Vincent and Tori’s beastly lineage. It’ll be fascinating to know why everyone wants this “Gem” and the medieval-looking collar it belongs to – not to mention what on earth they’re going to use it for (is it even usable?). Wouldn’t it be crazy if Vincent and Catherine’s ancestors were like the Capulet’s and Montague’s – sworn enemies, though with a much bigger gripe than a long-standing family feud? What if their lineage is violent and bloody and (thinking of the collar here) the beasts were slaves to Catherine’s family? That’d explain why Vincent 2.0 – with his enhanced beastly genes – has gradually lost interest in what we’d deemed to be the true love of his life. It’d also indicate why Vincent and Tori are drawn to each other, and why their beastly side seems to strengthen when they’re together. Then again, maybe it’s just a token to those wanting to learn more about their beastly heritage… though I very much doubt it. I wonder what these beasts of old were like? Muirfield only experimented with certain strands of DNA, and their subjects weren’t born with a beastly genetic code. It wouldn’t be surprising if these ancient beasts were savages; used and abused for their ferocious animosity and supernatural strength. With that being said, I can understand why Vincent wants to know more about where his beast side came from, especially as it grows more dominant. Of course, Cat’s going to want to know why she’s connected to this “Gem” and I bet there will be a race between the two to get the info. Bring on the competition Beasties, this is going to be a treat!

“My future is connected to my past okay, finding out who I was or where I come from, it helps me figure out who I actually am. Because it’s real okay, it’s not another lie and if it gives me the answers then I am for it.” ~ Vincent

batb-210Bad Boys Have All The Fun (But Good Boys Get Some Too)… What I honest to goodness LOVED about this episode was the incredible calibre of Bad Boys. For most of this season I’ve been griping about the lack of nasty, terrifying bad guys, and finally we got some. It helped that Peter from Teen Wolf (Ian Bohen) was in the game (with the same name, no less) and he makes a formidable opponent on his best day. Besides, it was fun watching Cat in her undercover element again as they infiltrated the Russian’s shindig looking for “The Gem.” We may miss VinCat but DAMN it was great watching the jealously flicker across Vince’s face when he caught Cat kissing someone else. And good on you Catherine, Vince deserves to know what it feels like to see the woman he loves locking lips with someone else. It’s crazy to think how their dynamic has changed across this season… now I’d almost hate to see Vince come crawling back to Catherine or visa versa, because it’d be so out-of-character for them both. And it would hardly be satisfying for us as viewers if they pushed all angry feelings and choices aside and forced themselves to be together. No, I think they’re with who they should be – at least for now. Besides, it’s nice to see the good guy getting the girl for once (is it just me or is Senhil Ramamurthy becoming more attractive as the season wears on?).

“Avenge me!” ~ J.T.

What I really liked about this episode was how it wasn’t afraid to shove reality in our faces. It’s true, we were still treated to some magnifying scenes between Vince and Cat (there’s something so electric about angry ex’s who clearly still have feelings for each other), but even Tess and J.T. were encouraging their besties to move on. I appreciate the fact the writers didn’t simply cave and give us all what we want – Vince and Cat to be together again. Instead, they injected this new beastly lineage storyline and let Vince and Cat go their separate ways. It wasn’t an OMG-I-Must-Have-More episode, but it did bring a huge goofy smile to my face. There were some priceless lines, like J.T’s “Avenge me!” and Cat working undercover with 3 very attractive criminals was a veritable treat. Overall, writers Roger Grant and Rupa Magge as well as director Steven A. Adelson should be commended for ramping up the excitement again. Beasties, I have a good feeling about the rest of this season. Things are definitely looking up.

Beauty and the Beast Episode 2×11 ”Held Hostage” airs Monday 27 January at 9/8c on The CW