Beauty and the Beast Episode 2×11 “Held Hostage” Review



Remember How It Used To Be? – “Beauty and the Beast” Rekindles Feelings Across The Board In This Week’s Episode…

Beauty and the Beast has a knack for surprising one’s VinCat heart with feels – whether good or bad – and this week’s episode was no different. In episode 2×11 “Held Hostage” those in the precinct found themselves in a rather awful house arrest situation. The trouble might have begun with a little unresolved jealousy and one beast’s stint in handcuffs, but it only got worse when the Russian beast-hunters (as I’m dubbing them for now) got involved. It was hardly the birthday party Tess wanted (losing a friend and a cheesecake in one fell swoop), but for the Beasties it was a regular treat. Vincent could hardly let those Russians get away with this vital tie to his heritage, and in doing so he revealed that part of himself we all know and love and thought he’d lost – his humanity. While this gift was somewhat bittersweet, “Held Hostage” reminded us why we love birthdays, especially when our favourite beast’s involved. Let’s take a bite from this episode, shall we?

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"Held Hostage"You See the Real Me… What was particularly wonderful about this episode was how Cat’s desperate “prayer” (whether Vincent heard it or not) had the desired effect on our beast, as he chose to embrace that part of himself which Cat though was lost forever. Needless to say, I’m referring to his humanity. Vincent 2.0 has been so hell-bent on snapping necks and ripping out hearts, it’s no wonder Cat had given up on them – and him. But in a true act of unselfishness (highly resembling of the old Vincent), our beast decided to stick around and rescue the hostages in the precinct. After the endless extent of discouragement we’ve felt over this season, it was freeing to realise the beast hadn’t swallowed Vincent Keller whole. This also eased my frustration over the corny Russians and their cheesecake fetish (on the plus side, I fell more in love with Tess knowing that she shares my fondness for this particular dessert, though I’d never have told the Russian thug where I kept mine stored). The “bad guys” I feel have been a definite letdown for this season of Beauty and the Beast. It’s like the idea is there and IT’S good but the execution falls flat on its face. Perhaps if we gain some more clarity around the Russians and why they’re so invested in this necklace, then maybe this storyline can be salvaged. Otherwise – back to good old VinCat feels please.

“I’m not jealous. I am over Vincent. I can’t believe I was ever with somebody like that. I mean, last week he chose a necklace over a human life. He’s unrecognizable.” ~ Cat

beauty-and-the-beast-211A Beastly Kryptonite of Sorts… We finally learnt the importance of the precious “gem” and the necklace it’s embedded in, in that it acts as a sort of kryptonite for beasts. Sling it around your neck or wrist and you render the beastly side inactive – hence Cat’s surprising one-up on Tori (not that we didn’t all enjoy that fight, of course – the bitch had it coming). As for who would want to control beasts – with a glittery jewel, no less – that’s another question. I actually enjoyed how possessive Vincent became over the necklace, and the way Catherine relinquished her hold over it when she deduced its true worth to her former love’s history. It was equally satisfying to see how clearly Vincent was using Tori to lure out the Russians (primal attraction won’t last forever girl; get it into your head). I’ll be curious to learn what Agent Landon’s role is in all this… is she simply the overzealous FBI agent, obsessed with following a lead and unearthing the truth? Or is she a bigger player in the scheme of beastly history? Could she be related to the Reynolds family, or have personal experience with beasts or their tendency to make a bloody mess? Whatever the reason, Elisabeth Rohm is a welcome addition to the cast. We should keep her around, methinks.

“I hate you, oh and you and Vincent don’t stand a chance.” ~ Cat

"Held Hostage"I Will Wait For You… Perhaps the most endearing part about this episode was Gabe’s never-ending patience. Some might call him foolish, even stupid, for trying to win Catherine’s heart, but he knows the value of what he’s waiting for – and we can hardly call him stupid for that. The writers were being a tad cruel in this episode though… while Cat finally resolved herself to move on (because why would she waste her time on a man more intent on killing people than having sex with her, really?), it seemed that Vincent had a sudden revelation of what he was missing, and of who he’d been before Reynolds messed with him. In that final scene where he watched Gabe and Cat together, there was a flicker of something like regret on his face, and that in itself was devastating. I can’t be sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers developed this storyline further… of a love lost, remorse sustained; Vincent pining over the girl he let slip through his fingers. Mind you, he deserves to suffer for a while after everything he’s put Cat through, and Cat deserves a relatively stress-free-slash-normal relationship to help her heart heal. Gabe, it would seem, is the man for the job – and it’s nice to see the good guy winning out for a change.

“I feel like I’m in the middle of a divorce and you two are fighting over the beach house. If I was your lawyer, I’d tell you to give her the beach house.” ~ Gabe

If I could pick one word to describe this episode, it would be “enjoyable.” It wasn’t particularly memorable and I don’t feel it stood out in any special way; nor was I amazed by any one person’s particular performance. In the scheme of Season 2 and its ups and downs, “Held Hostage” was neither here nor there, it simply existed as a filler. J.T’s absence put a damper on things, but the subtle shift in Vincent’s character and the interactions between Catherine and the two men in her life did prove interesting. The Russians were indisputably awful (even I could do a better accent that the long-haired bimbo in charge) but Agent Landon’s “profiling” and her efforts to get to the truth I found most pleasing. It might not have been the world’s best episode, but it definitely brought a smile to my face – and for that, I commend writer Pamela Sue Anton and director Sudz Sutherland. Thank you for the VinCat feels, if nothing else. Until next week Beasties!

Beauty and the Beast Episode 2×12 “Recipe For Disaster” airs Monday 3 February at 9/8c on The CW