Beauty and the Beast Episode 2×12 “Recipe for Disaster” Review



Love Lost, Love Found – This Week’s Episode of “Beauty and the Beast” saw Happy Endings for Some & Tragic Endings for Others…

When did love get so complicated and escaping the past so hard? This week’s episode of Beauty and the Beast wreaked havoc in the heart of our favourite beast, as Vincent came face to face with the consequences of his choice to ignore Catherine and serve his darker side. When J.T’s special grant becomes a trap for beast and friends, the unthinkable occurred, and not everyone is left standing when the dust settles. Meanwhile, Cat made a decision that crushed the hopes of VinCat supporters everywhere, and Agent Landon received an incredibly welcome surprise. So, shall we take a look at this episode Beasties?

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Batb-212Love Please Don’t Leave Me… Well, now I feel kinda bad for throwing jabs at Tori throughout this episode. She’s DEAD?! What the? I mean, kudos for the shock factor writers because I never saw that coming, but holy hell! Forget a slap in the face, let’s go straight for the jugular shall we? Yeesh. What was most upsetting about this turn of events was how little time Vincent and Tori had together as a couple. They were just getting started and now she’s gone. Granted, they were never going to be endgame with Catherine around, but it would have been good to see their relationship develop further, especially now that Cat has chosen to be with Gabe. It wasn’t exactly the best send-off either… acting out of a desperate need to keep Vincent in her life (and her bed, no doubt), she barreled head-first into the lion’s den with little thought of consequence. To be honest, her actions didn’t even save J.T… that was Vince and Catherine’s job. She wasn’t exactly the most popular character (hmm, wonder why that was VinCat fans?) but even the least of main characters deserve a proper farewell. Probably the only nice thing about her death (even though she was acting like a jealous, clingy, I’d-rather-kill-Cat-than-see-you-be-with-her girlfriend most of the episode) was how she told Vince he belonged with Catherine. At least she got that right before carking it. Can’t exactly hate on her for that. RIP Tori.

“All I know is that when we’re together, there’s something about your power that… It doesn’t just amplify mine, okay, it affects everything — the way I think, the way I feel.” ~ Vincent

"Reunion"Kidnapping Is Key… This episode was just full of bizarre events. First Gabe decides he’s done with the precinct and needs a bigger challenge, then J.T. wins a $500,000 grant which turns out to be a hoax, then random beast-slash-necklace hunters kidnap J.T. so he can manipulate strands of DNA into becoming a beast formula. Oh and did I mention he ended up in the dungeon everyone decided was so important they find? Ironic, no? *insert sarcasm here* First of all, why must everyone hurt J.T? Second of all, anyone else find themselves too distracted by Jay Ryans husky voice to care about ancient remains and the like? Glad I’m not the only one. Anyway, what was the point of J.T’s kidnapping again? Aside from declaring that there are still Muirfield-like cronies out there who want to experiment on already-made beasts, what purpose did this move serve? Suppose any scenario that draws Vince and Catherine closer together is a good one, and now Agent Landon and her hubby have been reunited, so that’s nice. Came out of nowhere though, didn’t it? Who knew the guy being held captive in the beast dungeon was Landon’s long-lost husband… Though speaking of couples, why haven’t we seen more of Tess and J.T yet? Is that storyline done and dusted? I seriously hope not. Austin Basis and Nina Lisandrello have some fierce chemistry, and if we can’t perve on Vince and Cat then J.T. and Tess would be the second best bet, right?

“That’s fine. You save J.T, we’ll save you.” ~ Catherine


The Gem Of It All… Okay, so it must be said – that gem is a poor method of beastly control. If you’re going to make it as a beastly kind of kryptonite, then why make it so easy to discard? All Vincent had to do was waltz into Tori’s cell and un-clasp it from her neck. Somebody tell me why she didn’t use the last remnants of her strength to take it off? Yeah, she was weak, but if you know you’re going to die you do everything in your power to try to survive – unless she wanted to die? Perhaps she’d given up all hope of being rescued? Which is flat-out ridiculous, because she had to know Vince would find her. Where there’s spidey-senses, there’s always a way. I’m also surprised how quickly everyone trusted Landon when she learnt the truth about beasts. Getting a bit careless are we agents? Well, it’ll be your own fault if she turns out to be the mastermind behind the Next Gen Hunters, and Sam was planted as a spy in that dungeon and the two of them screw you all over. On the plus side, at least Vince has disposed of the necklace, though what’s to say that’s the only one out there? I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more ancient beast-controlling relics, though dear lord I hope they’re better than that necklace.

“Look Cat, I’m all for self-discovery okay, God knows I’m the queen of it right now, but it doesn’t keep you warm at night, and it doesn’t curl your toes.” ~ Tess

Oh BatB, what happened?! This episode was all over the place. From Tori’s sudden demise to the unexpected return of Landon’s husband, the shocks kept coming and they were both confusing and unnecessary. Somewhere in this episode I think we were supposed to feel sad for Tori, but we barely had a chance to acknowledge her relationship with Vincent, let alone mourn its abrupt ending. Likewise, Cat’s hasty change of heart towards being with Gabe was both annoying and upsetting – and not just because it signified a shift in the VinCat romance, but because – if anything – Cat shared more intimate moments with Vincent this episode than with Gabe. Amidst the couple drama, we had that weirdo bad guy and his elaborate scheme to imprison J.T. in the “dungeon,” not so that he could create beastly DNA but to lure a beastly friend into the dungeon, except that the guy wanted beastly blood as well to do… what exactly? I really don’t know. After I got over the abrupt changes, I tried to work out what I actually DID like about this episode, and to be horribly, dreadfully honest – Tess was the only thing that made this episode worthwhile. The worst part was, “Recipe for Disaster” started out with so much promise – the nerdy cooking classes, Tess’s “curled toes” comments, Vincent’s call to Catherine amidst the hubbub of activity. But then J.T. was kidnapped and it all went downhill from there. I’m sorry to say how incredibly disappointed I am in this episode. I hope the circumstances can be rectified somehow, and as such I anxiously await next week’s episode and what it brings to the table.

Beauty and the Beast Episode 2×13 “Till Death” airs Monday 10 February at 9/8c on The CW