Beauty and the Beast Episode 2×13 “Till Death” Review



Spilled Coffee & Vow Renewals – Valentine’s Day Comes To “Beauty and the Beast”

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, but it’s easy to forget chocolates and roses when you have Vincent Keller to indulge in. Beauty and the Beast returned this week with a holiday-infested episode, and love was in the air for most of our favorites – though sadly, not all of it was reciprocated. Episode 2×13 “Till Death” introduced us to Tess and Catherine’s new boss and his strict solve-cases regime, though their NYPD workload takes a back-seat to the elusive Barnes and his former prisoner Sam. While Vincent reluctantly allows himself to be dragged back into his web of unresolved feelings for Catherine, J.T decides to “Seize the day” and go after the object of his affection. From spilled coffee to vow renewals to holidays in Mexico, this episode of Beauty and the Beast explored the do’s and don’ts of the dating world. Time to discuss Valentine’s Day BatB style, shall we?

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Till DeathGood Things Come To Those Who Wait… While it’s difficult to acknowledge Catherine with someone other than Vincent, it’s nice to see Gabe so chipper about his current stroke of luck. It hasn’t been an easy ride (probably the understatement of the century… poor Gabe, everyone still thinks you’re a kidnapper and mass murderer even though you buy birthday banners and things now. Tough break man), but good on you for going after what you want. A surprise trip to Mexico might have been a bit much, considering you’ve been going out for what? A week? But it was a nice gesture, to be sure. And Catherine was obviously impressed; if that kiss at the end was any indication. I confess I’d really like to write a eulogy for the death of this relationship (because you’re seriously delusional if you think it’s going to last while Vincent’s around), but it certainly has its moments. I think that – for the most part – Catherine is on board with this relationship, despite her sneaking suspicions and accusations that almost drove him away in this episode. If anything, she really needs someone like Gabe to mend her trust issues. Although a word from the wise Gabe? No more surprises. If you want to keep that goofy smile on your face, remain honest with Catherine. Learn from Vincent’s mistakes and you’ll keep the girl you love… that is, until she wises up to the fact that she will be with Vincent eventually. You’ve climbed aboard a sinking ship my friend: I’m afraid that much is true.

“What I have done is everything I can think of to show you that I have changed. The whole reason I stayed at the precinct was to protect the two of you. ” ~ Gabe

Batb-213-2As I Lay Dying… Well, nice to see Vincent is so thoroughly over the death of his girlfriend. Geez, that was quick *note sarcasm*. One of my biggest qualms with this show is the lack of character development. Where was Vincent’s grief? Wrapping up in a bathrobe and moping on the couch for a few days doesn’t count. You can’t tell me Vincent is so in control of his emotions now that he doesn’t feel supremely guilty over Tori’s death and the last words she uttered on her deathbed. Forgetting Catherine for a moment, why isn’t he devastated over the fact he’s lost, if not a girlfriend, then a fellow beast? Someone who shared his power and solitude; who made him feel as if he wasn’t alone? Yes, we all love that he admitted he still loves Catherine (well duh, didn’t take a scientist to work that one out), but it’s like the writers simply brushed Tori’s death and all the feelings Vincent had for her under the rug. Heck, if J.T hadn’t mentioned her we wouldn’t even know she carked it in the last episode. On the plus side, it’ll be interesting to see Vincent struggle with the idea of Catherine with someone else; especially someone who is basically everything he could have been for her. He says he’ll let her go, but can he stay away? Will he revert to watching from the shadows again, resigning himself to a life without her? Or will he try to make up for past mistakes in the hopes that she will come back to him? Methinks the latter.

“And yes, I love her. Enough to let her be with someone who’s worthy.” ~ Vincent

Till DeathThe Dungeon Holds Many Secrets… The best part about this episode was by far, the absence of that gaudy necklace. Instead, Catherine and Vincent stumbled upon a lower level to the dungeon where they found bones belonging to someone Muirfield – or Barnes – probably experimented on. The discovery raised suspicion around Sam, who was busy planning a vow renewal with Dana and the subsequent death of everyone at that renewal (way to say “I love you” huh?). For the record, I knew something was off about him when he miraculously reappeared. Though there HAS to be more to the story… I don’t believe for a second that the only reason Sam went bad was because he was stuck in a cell for 6 years with Barnes to manipulate him. It’s gotta be something to do with Dana’s heritage and the whole Beast Vs. Beast Handlers complex. Speaking of handlers – Tess and Cat’s new boss is a piece of work right? What’s the bet he’ll prove more difficult to get around than Gabe and Joe? And it’s not like Tess’s charms will work on him, considering she’s just spent the night with J.T! That whole plotline in this episode was adorable. After coming second best in everything to both of their closest friends, it’s nice to see the sidekicks win out for a change. As for whether it’ll remain a one-night stand or develop into something more, we’ll have to wait and see. Either way, it provides a refreshing change to the whole Cat-Vince-Gabe triangle.

“Oh my God they look like Brangelina!” ~ J.T

After last week’s colossal disaster of an episode, I was incredibly pleased to find “Till Death” was semi-decent… hell, even likeable. It helped that there was (a) no gaudy necklace to waffle nonsense about; (b) J.T and Tess were both in the same episode; and (c) there was more romance and less action. Undoubtedly that was the fabulous input of writers and executive producers Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin, who – let’s be real here – do relationships so well. Hats off to director Stuart Gillard too; most notably for the explosion that crushed Sam and Dana’s wintry wonderland. If I’m being honest, the storyline was a tad repetitive in nature – the suspicion around Gabe, Vincent’s anti-hero complex – and I confess I feel little for Dana and her shattered fairytale come true. I also resent the fact that – even though I didn’t like her – Tori’s death was treated like a fly being brushed from your shoulder: a mere nuisance in the scheme of things. But on the whole this episode was a nice treat for Valentine’s Day week. Beauty and the Beast still has a long way to go before it achieves the awesome standard set by “Who Am I?” but this episode was a glance in the right direction. So long as it stays on this path then I look forward to the rest of this season. Til next week Beasties!

Beauty and the Beast Episode 2×14 “Redemption” airs Monday 17 FEB at 9/8c on The CW