Beauty and the Beast Episode 2×16 “About Last Night” Review



Fates Intertwined – Hearts Collide & Revenge Takes Place In The Spring Finale Of “Beauty and the Beast”…

Ladies and gentleman and Beasties alike, presenting the spring finale of Beauty and the Beast – where the morning after gives Vincent and Catherine some much-needed perspective on their tumultuous romance. When Sam escapes from prison, it only serves to bring them closer together and push Gabe and Cat further apart, though ADA Lowen is far from giving up without a fight. While Sam seeks justice and new power players are revealed, Tess and J.T work behind the scenes to help their friends with love and capture. With masquerade balls, whack-a-moles and one giant cliffhanger, episode 2×16 “About Last Night” was a teasing and delightful way to leave things before the show goes on spring break. So, time to chat about it! 

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Never Gonna Give You Up… Oh Beasties. it finally happened – Catherine finally wised up to her ever-present feelings for Vincent and how her relationship with Gabe would never measure up to what she and Vince have. I positively squee’d with delight! Gabe got a little desperate there, didn’t he? It’s a shame because no one’s denying the man’s a decent bloke, he’s just chasing after the wrong girl. I have to admire both Gabe and Vincent’s determination to woo the woman of their dreams – each tossing out the “I’m not giving up” line AND the “I love you”s. If anything, this was an ultimatum for Cat – here are these two guys who love you and want you so it’s time for you to pick one. Unfortunately, Gabe’s been fighting a losing battle right from the start, so it wasn’t exactly a shock that Cat chose Vincent. However, I did like the scene between Sendhil Ramamurthy and Kristin Kreuk in the car outside her apartment (even though I wanted to yell right back at Gabe for everything he was saying), as it showcased the true depth of (1) Gabe’s love for Catherine; and (2) his resentment towards Vincent. His frustration is understandable – after everything Vince put her through, and everything Gabe’s done for her, she’s still going back to him? If they weren’t so fated to be together we’d probably be annoyed too. I am honestly surprised at how happy I am with this turn of events. I didn’t think Cat and Vince’s reunion – despite how much we all wanted it – would feel so satisfying at this stage in the game. Yet somehow – and I think it largely had to do with the masquerade ball – them getting back together now feels right. Despite the lame fight scene (I’m sorry but Cat is way too tiny to able to take on two full-sized bodyguards, just saying), the ball was a lovely tribute to their past and present and the notion that time may pass, but their love remains. Now – let’s hope this time round it sticks.


Vincent: “Why is she so beautiful?!”

The JTnT Guide To Break-Up Sex… Okay, Austin Basis and Nina Lisandrello are simply enchanting. Where Cat and Vince can occasionally drive us nuts (He loves me, he loves me not, rah rah rah), J.T and Tess are always uttering some witty quip or dishing out proper advice. Now the thought of them being together together is positively adorable. Such a marvellous move on the writer’s part, for who would’ve thought when this show started that the entertaining geek and sassy police officer would get together? As Tess said, it was completely unlike her to go for someone like him, yet here she is, thinking about him all the time. Also, that kiss on the desk chair? So cute. I think this could work out Beasties. What’ll be interesting to see now is how Vince and Cat react to their besties shacking up. They’ll be supportive, right?! Though I can’t imagine it’ll be Priority No. 1 with Vincent’s recent arrest and all. Side note: I love how J.T and Tess are always sharing similar advice with Cat and Vince, and even when they don’t, we get scenes like the “break-up sex” one where they bounce arguments off each other until one of them finally caves. Not only are they both hilarious, but it’s clear that their chemistry isn’t limited to a one-off scene. As for whether theirs is a long-time romance, I’m not sure. All I know is I’m desperately looking forward to more scenes of them giving in to their lusty desires. Bring on the JTnT love affair.


Tess: “But your heart got in the way.”

Cat: “My libido got in the way.”

Justice Is Served… I’ve been mulling over what makes Sam the best bad guy of this season, and I think it’s his humanity. When Vincent killed Sam’s final beast warrior, it was as if all the life was drained out of Sam. After 6 years of plotting and planning and being all-consumed by his desire for revenge, it suddenly occurred to him that no matter what he did, someone would be there to stop him. It’s no wonder he wanted to end his life (though I doubt he expected Vincent to swoop in and save him). It’s a testament to Tom Everett Scott that I even cared about Sam’s fate, after all the carnage he’d caused in seeking personal justice. In a strange way, I actually admire Sam as a character – he was incredibly clever (if not horribly misguided). What I didn’t like was his sudden decision to help Gabe put the power players away. That seemed out-of-character for someone who’d spent the better part of 6 years trying to do it all on his own. There’s also his uncomfortably corny one-liners – though this episode lacked the usual amount of cringe-worthy comments. What his character did do – aside from giving Vincent someone to beast out on – was introduce this so-called ‘secret society’ who created Muifield. It presents an interesting conundrum for our Tag Team, who’re sorely misguided if they believe one murderous rampage brought down the entire organisation. It’s my theory that the final cliffhanger – where Vincent was arrested for Curt Windsor’s murder – was orchestrated by this secret society as an act of retaliation for their hierarchy’s (slash underdogs) murders. It stands to reason that if these men and women have their hands dipped in a multitude of honey pots across the money-making market, then they’re far greater than appearances would dictate. Hopefully we’ll see the extent of their influence when Beauty and the Beast returns in May!


Sam: “What do I want? I want justice that’s what I want.”

YES! This is what I’ve been harping on about Beasties! What a fantastic spring finale, filled with all kinds of juicy tidbits. Bravo to writer Melissa Glenn and director Stuart Gillard, who crafted a wonderful tale of devotion and dedication, with Cat and Vince’s heart tug-o-war at the center of it. “About Last Night” ventured back into the soul of the show; from the VinCat montage at the start to the history-repeating-itself nature of the masquerade ball, this episode was a poignant reminder that circumstances may be against them but our beast and his beauty will always find their way back to each other. Granted, there were still some terribly corny moments (I’m starting to accept them as part of the show – if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em right?), and I’m not sure I liked the resolution of Sam’s storyline, but on the whole I really, honestly, truly enjoyed this episode. The quips about “break-up sex” and Vince and Gabe’s “I’m not giving up” attitude felt natural and well-timed, as did Cat and Vince’s reunion (which actually surprised me – I thought I’d resent them getting back together so soon, but I felt rather the opposite – especially when they shared that glance at the ball). Now of course, it’s the waiting game. Will the series be renewed for Season 3? Will this episode be enough to grab viewer interest again? And how in the world do we survive until May for another episode?

Questions, Comments, Concerns…

  • The rooftop scene? I nearly died. No truly, I think my heart stopped from the sheer beauty of that scene.
  • So… how’re the authorities charging Vincent for Tori’s dad’s murder now? It’s been ages since he died right?
  • Breakfast with J.T and Vince. Good lord I wish I’d been there when they were filming that scene.
  • For beastly senses, you sleep very soundly Vincent. Surely Cat couldn’t make that much noise without waking you?! You must’ve been dreaming of something mighty fine, is all I have to say.
  • JAY RYAN IN A TUX. That is all.
  • I’ve said the show could be gearing up for Season 3, but what if the writers are preparing for the worst? This episode could indicate the end of the series, as it does tie the major storylines together. Hopefully it isn’t the end, but if it is – would you guys be satisfied with the way things turned out?