Being Human Episode (4×08) Review – “Rewind, Rewind”



This Week Being Human Different Choices, “Time After Time”

As SyFy’s Being Human draws to a close, we get a look at what life would have been like if the roommates made different choices. When we left off last week, Sally found herself back in the house mere moments before she died, but this time things turned out differently. Using the knowledge she has from her own time, Sally tried to correct the wrongs of the past, but found out the hard way that some things never change. Funny and heartwarming, this episode was a dream, because we finally got the chance to see what life would be like for the gang if Sally hadn’t died in their home. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to dive in and talk about episode 408, “Rewind, Rewind.”

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Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick, And think of you… After Sally discovers she’s travelled back into time to the very moment she died, Sally used the knowledge she now has to jump into her own body and knee Danny in the balls. Sally may have escaped dying at the hands of the man who claimed to love her, but her meddling had other ramifications. In her stead, Sally’s childhood BFF, Bridget, ended up later dying at Danny’s hands after she and Danny hooked up. This twist was interesting, but not that unexpected considering what happened in the original timeline. What was neat was how Bridget took Sally to the hospital after Sally survived her fight with Danny on the stairs, allowing her to meet Nora and Aidan for the “first” time. What made this so cool was it solidified the theory that these four people were destined to be in each other’s lives, and that though Sally was tampering with events this is one she couldn’t change.

Being Human Episode 4x08 03

Caught up in circles confusion is nothing new… Even though this new reality was way different than what Sally previously lived, it wasn’t long before Sally was trying to put things
 “right.” Thanks to Sally’s meddling, Aidan and Josh ended up moving into her home, but this time Sally was the human roommate who needed to rent rooms in the house instead of the ghost haunting it. Per usual, Aidan was struggling with trying to live like a regular person, and Josh was trying to get the hang of being a new werewolf while pursuing Nora. In this reality Bishop was still trying to bring Aidan back into the fold, and I was disappointed Mark Pellegrino didn’t pop in for a sec for a cameo. I guess filming The Tomorrow People keeps him busy. While I didn’t necessarily see the point of this episode other than fan wish fulfillment, it was fun being reminded of who Aidan and Josh used to be. It’s easy to believe they’ve always been the way they are now, but seeing how they were four years ago shows how far they’ve come. Sadly, while Aidan changed for the better, Josh changed for the worse. Thanks to Aidan’s romance with Sally (more on that later), Aidan was confident, but when Nora discovered that Josh is a werewolf, Josh became even more fearful and unsure.

Flashback warm nights
Almost left behind
Suitcases of memories,
Time after

Being Human Episode 4x08 02

Sometimes you picture me I’m walking too far ahead. You’re calling to me, I can’t hear what youve said… In the original thread of time, Josh scratched Nora while they were having hot sex at the hospital, making her a werewolf. At first Nora wanted nothing to do with Josh once she discovered what he did to her, but the realization that without him she would be going through this all alone ended up bringing them together. In this alternate reality, Sally’s determination to meddle in the boys’ lives ended up changing all of this. Now due to her interrupting Josh and Nora’s sexcapades, Sally was the one who ended up getting scratched and becoming a werewolf, giving Nora had no reason to return to Josh after she learned the truth about him. As intriguing as the idea of Sally as a werewolf was, the true version is better. Josh and Nora are the best relationship on this show, and it’s hard to imagine a world in which they aren’t together. Even though they now are separated, there’s still the hope that they’ll find there way back to one another once again that makes their break more bearable.

Being Human - Season 4

Then you say go slow. I fall behind… Even though this timeline took Josh and Nora’s epic love away from us, we still got the opportunity to see what it would be like if Aidan and Sally ever had a chance to be together, and it was THE BEST! They were sexy and very adorably disgustingly cute. All up until Sally became a werewolf, than following Josh’s lead to seperate himself from the pair, Sally decided to give Aidan the boot, which had a spiraling effect. Instead of “saving” Aidan, a guy who has difficulty dealing with break-ups, he ended up running straight into Bishop’s arms. Despite everything Sally told the guys about the timeline she originally comes from, they both ended up doing things they never should have. Aidan ended up with Bishop, and Josh ended up with Ray. If this doesn’t prove Zoe’s claim that Sally’s meddling only makes things worse, I don’t know what does. I’ll give her credit for realizing her mistakes and trying to fix them, but in doing so she only brought about her own death at the hands of a pipe Ray swung in Aidan’s direction that accidentally hit her in the head, killing her instantly.

If you’re lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you I’ll be waiting
Time after time

Being Human - Season 4

“Rewind, Rewind” was a great look at what the roommates’ lives would like if they’d made different choices. As I said above, while I loved Aidan and Sally’s relationship, I hated to see Josh and Nora’s never take off. As of now I don’t see how this episode really contributes to the season as a whole. Unless Sally uses the knowledge of what happened in this new timeline to change things in the original timeline. As fun as this week’s episode was, none of the gang’s problems were really solved, and new questions were posed that will hopefully be answered back in present day. With only five more episode left before the series finale, who knows how this all will end? One thing’s for sure, Sally’s got her hands full, and now that she’s died in this alternate timeline, maybe she will find a way to return to her own.

Messages From the Other Side…

  • Now that Sally has experience what it would be like to romance Aidan, will she try it once she returns to her real timeline?
  • Will Josh and Nora reunite?
  • Would it be possible for Sally to jump back to when she almost died, inhabit her body, and try to make different choices again to get a different outcome?
  • Can Sally make it back, or has she time travelled to much to ever get back home?
  • How heartbreaking was it to watch Aidan cry over Sally’s dead body?