Betrayal Episode (1×10) Review – “…Number 16”


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ABC’s Betrayal Tries To Make Sense of Jack and Sara’s Love Affair With Possible Unforeseen Explanation

All season long I have pondered Jack McAllister and Sara Hanley’s affair, and in the Betrayal winter finale there seemed to be an answer: Jack was using Sara to keep tabs on Drew and get away with murder. Except that’s not what happened. After an entire episode of Drew trying to explain his wife’s irrational behavior, Sara remembers something from the pilot that none of us had forgotten – the night Lou was murdered, Drew was lying in Sara’s arms for the first time. While the fake-out reveal of Lou Mrozek’s murderer did nothing to shock viewers, Jack’s confession sure as hell did.

Blood is Thicker Than Water…. In a surprise move (or not so surprising considering the character), Thatcher Karsten pointed his accusing finger at Jack as Uncle Lou’s killer to Drew at the end of last week’s episode. As much as I liked this turn of events, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Drew who was being played by Thatcher. Everything that Thatcher said against Jack could easily apply to him. Thatcher is a master manipulator and sociopath. Jack may have a history of skating the line between legal and illegal, but he did so at Thatcher’s behest. Instead of seeing Thatcher’s desire to come clean and hand over a murderer to the State for what it is – revenge – Drew took the bait to get back at the man who “stole” his wife. As convincing as Thatcher’s story seemed, Drew should have known better. I just hope he can move on before he lets the Karstens completely destroy his career and his life.

“You think it was a coincidence you were assigned to the Mrozek case? With Jack McAllister there are no accidents. Nothing is left to chance. He played you, my daughter, your wife. Jack plays everyone. He’s a con man, a thief, a killer.”


Sleeping With the Enemy? I may not always believe the relationships on this show, but I have to say they are refreshingly mature. Both Drew/Sara and Jack/Elaine handled their family affairs with a level of maturity that’s not often seen on television. Especially under the circumstances these four are dealing with. Revitalized by the chance to finally catch Lou’s killer, Drew treated Sara with respect and even offered her legal advice in regards to their pending divorce. He even acquiesced to allowing her to take his picture for the article she nominated him for. As for Jack and Elaine, the two actually tried to co-parent their children, and Jack helped Elaine ferret out the truth about Aidan. While Drew and Elaine may not be happy with the current situation, both of them seemed to have moved on from the anger, name-calling stage of betrayal. Sara was even able to talk to Drew about the night Lou died, and how she was Jack’s alibi without him blowing a gasket. Now that Jack has turned himself in for the crime, I hope the adults manage to maintain the maturity they exhibited this week. Also, it was nice seeing Jack try and be a father to his children and interact with the Karstens.

Drew: “I think Jack might be one of the bad guys.”

Sara: “Drew, no!”

Drew: “Listen… just listen. I think Jack might’ve killed Lou Mrozek. Look, just stop for just one minute and listen to me. There’s evidence and the coincidence of all this whole thing. Jack miraculously shows up in your life right when I’m closing in on the Karstens. Right when Lou goes to the FBI and right when Lou gets killed. Think about it. It makes no sense. It never has.”


“I know who killed Uncle Lou, dad, and I think you do, too.” Who Killed Uncle Lou is still the topic of conversation for all the characters, but things took an interesting turn when Vic confessed to Jack that he knows who killed Lou. For weeks it appeared that Vic was having problems dealing with Jack’s affair, but it turns out the teen has bigger troubles on his mind. The fear the kid had in his eyes when he talked to his father was evident, and makes you really wonder the killer’s identity. Is Vic frightened because he’s worried the killer will come after him, or because it’s someone he knows and loves who’s shown himself (herself) to be a villain? Considering the whole episode all fingers were pointing to Jack it would appear to be the latter, until it was also revealed this week that T.J. is also in on the secret. Whoever the killer is, it’s someone both Vic and T.J. know, and someone T.J. would cover for and rush off to help in their time of need.

“My name is Jack McAllister, and I killed Lou Mrozek.”

We still don’t know who killed Uncle Lou, or what terrible secrets Jack is hiding, but the many clues have narrowed down the suspect list considerably. Whoever killed Uncle Lou is a member of the Karsten family, and isn’t Jack. It’s someone that would scare Vic and keep T.J. quiet. It’s someone Jack would be willing to go to prison for. That leaves Thatcher, Elaine, or Val, and I have a feeling it’ll be the person everyone suspected in the pilot, Thatcher. If so, then this whole murder “mystery” was a waste of time. There are only two episodes left this season, and someone will shoot Sara before it’s all over. Now that the FBI is trying to burn Jack, Jack has turned himself in, and two people know the true killer’s identity things should be getting more exciting as the season draws to a conclusion.

What did you think of the episode? Who do you think killed Uncle Lou? Do you care? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to tune back into Betrayal when the series returns with all-new episodes in January.