Bitten Episode 1×06 “Committed” Review



True Natures Are Revealed and Challengers Arise in Episode Six of New SyFy Drama “Bitten”

Continuing on in the cracking pace it has set since day one, this week’s episode of Bitten took us deeper into the growling heart of the impending battle about to take place between our new favourite family of werewolves and their growing throng of power-hungry enemies. The mutts – blatantly intent on thinning the list of the Danvers’ allies – are growing ever more cocky and arrogant as rumours begin to spread that Jeremy’s alpha status is now little more than decoration, held up only by Clay’s brutal, hot-headed and battle-ready temperament. All the while, we get a deeper glimpse into the new life Elena seems intent on clinging to, in the form of Phillip and the promise of a nice, normal – and predominantly human – existence.

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Everybody this week, be they good or evil, seemed to find themselves walking their own thin line between the person they are and the person they truly want to be. So with all that in mind and the battle at hand, let’s dive in and take a closer look at this episode shall we?

You Can Take The Girl Out of Stonehaven, But…


After everything we’ve seen occur between Elena and Clay – both in real time and in the many, many (totally, deliciously satisfying) flashbacks and glimpses of their past together – it sort of felt a bit strange seeing Elena back in the place she so desperately wants to become her natural habitat: wrapped in Phillip’s loving, good-natured Canadian arms (and what girl wouldn’t: those things are magnificent, and let’s not even start when it comes to the rest of him) and far away from the bloodthirsty supernatural war awaiting her at home. Philip is a great character in this show in the way that he reminds us as an audience that there is a whole human world still carrying on as normal: one totally oblivious to the concepts of pack wars and alpha statuses.

Clay: “What happens if ‘space’ means she turns her back on us for good?”
Jeremy: “Then we will deal with it.”
Clay: “You mean you’ll expect me to deal with it.”

But even though Elena turns out to be a valuable human presence amidst this sea of oblivious people she cares about – particularly in how kind, gentle, wise and ultimately forgiving she was towards Phillip’s mother especially, but also to his sisters – you can never shake the feeling that she is never going to be the perfect piece for the puzzle she is trying so hard to fit into. She seems constantly aware – even though she’s so reluctant to acknowledge it – that she will never escape either her being a werewolf, or the important place she continues to hold in Jeremy’s pack, even when she’s not there. Indeed, it seems pretty clear that no matter how strong her hold is on her love for Phillip, the pack’s hold on her will always be stronger. Plus, if someone delivered me a pair of eyeball’s with someone else’s name on it, I wouldn’t be that keen to keep it in my handbag either.

Here Comes The Leader of The Pack


Jeremy: “Is that what you think Clay? Do you think I’m letting them push me around?”

Jeremy was again a formidable presence in this episode. Until the last two episodes at least, he had only ever had this kind, quiet, fatherly manner about him that – whilst it made him easy to like – left you wondering whether or not he would actually still be standing were it not for Clay. In this episode however, we finally got a glimpse of the raw, dark power that has silently underpinned Jeremy’s alpha status all this time.

There was literally no ‘We aren’t like them and will not stoop to their level to win’ attitude to be found in Jeremy this week, anywhere. Indeed, the message he sent back to the mutts in response to their attacks against the Danvers’ allies – having Clay torture a mutt minion for information before declawing him and sending the bloodied talons back to the enemy – was utterly pitiless, and demonstrated a brutal readiness for not just battle, but all-out war. This has huge consequences for the plot further down the road, because we are now suddenly getting a real glimpse into why the Danvers clan holds the high status it does amongst the werewolf population, and – more than that – into the power that awaits anyone who was successful in taking them down. This opens up so much potential as we wait eagerly to see exactly who the leader of the Mutt Pack is and how they will come at Jeremy. Because whilst it’s been said a few times that its Clay’s brutal actions that are responsible for the mutts’ uprising, one can’t help but think that that is little more than a flimsy ruse for the greater power play to come against the Danvers’ true Alpha.

So Many Closet Skeletons, So Little Time


While everything is going on in Stonehaven, I still can’t stop thinking about Phillip and how convenient it was that he should be given that footage of the wolves fighting in order to fuel his marketing campaign for his mysterious big new client. Similarly to the re-appearance of Victor Olsen into Elena’s life – not to mention Daniel Santos’s rather unpleasant appearance at the wedding of Elena’s soon to be (she hopes, anyway) in-laws – there just always seems to be that pervading feeling in this plot as a whole that there is absolutely no such thing as a coincidence. I mean it would make real sense – if Elena really is the ‘queen’ she has been referred to as on more than one occasion now – that they would go after her from multiple angles in order to take her out of the equation, purely because they know that she is destined to play a huge part in the already-formidable team of Jeremy, Clay, Nick and Co.

Elena:“Telling Phillip about Victor Olsen is one thing, but how could I ever, possibly explain Clay to him?”
Logan: “Well that shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you’ve really moved on.”

The other interesting question posed in this episode was in regards to the news that Logan and his girlfriend are expecting. Poor girl. She seemed so worried about her career path and how that would change; just imagine her face when she discovers she’s having puppies and has to cater her baby shower via AWKWARD.

Final Verdict

This was a really meaty installment of this story, especially in the way it took characters who we as an audience had already thought we knew enough about to predict their next moved, and made them darker and more complex. It was great to see Nick’s character and relationship with his father play a greater part in the plot this week, because it was an element of this story that I thought perhaps had been lacking in development a little over the last few weeks: especially considering how much we have already gotten to know about seemingly everyone else, in such a short space of time. Paul Fox’s steady directing and screenwriter Karen Hill’s solid, focused script meant that the pace of the episode was maintained start to finish, in a way that kept it in line with the feelings and framework created and built upon so successfully in previous weeks.

“Committed” gave us a lot of answers we weren’t really expecting, and caused us to come up with some new questions about things we may not have considered before. And it’s that promise of all those unknown plot twists that really will keep us thinking and hanging out with baited breath until next week.