The Blacklist Review Episode 1×11 “The Good Samaritan Killer”



The Blacklist’s Cat and Mouse Game Changes Now Reddington Is Back to Being One of the FBI’s Most Wanted

NBC’s The Blacklist returns with a vengeance, but this time the tables have turned. Raymond “Red” Reddington is no longer in FBI custody, and has now resumed his place on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, but this time things are different. Despite Red being ‘in the wind,’ he’s still willing to help Elizabeth Keen cross criminals off the Blacklist and in turn wants to help ferret out the FBI’s mole problem. Red’s tactics may not always be legal, but they do produce results.  As Johnny Cash’s “When the Man Comes Around” blared in the background, Red knocked on doors, kicked ass, and took names, and in the end he found what he was looking for – Who paid Apple Man to spy on Liz and the FBI. While Red is conducting his investigation, the FBI  conducted one of their own, and also had their hands full with Blacklister #106, “The Good Samaritan.”


“One more body isn’t going to make a difference.” This week’s Blacklister, “The Good Samaritan,” was different from one’s we’ve seen before. Victor was kidnapping, torturing and killing people who had a history of abusing loved ones. As a victim of abuse himself, Victor wanted these people to suffer the same abuses they’d previously afflicted on others. This seemed like a new twist on the criminals that the FBI has hunted down in the first half of the season, and Frank Whaley was creepy to the nth degree as nurse turned serial killer. In fact, it was Whaley’s performance that made things confusing. The Good Samaritan’s victims were despicable people and considering all the anti-heroes on television that audiences loved to root for, Whaley’s portrayal of a vigilante avenging these abusers’ victims was so crazy good that neither The Good Samaritan or his victims garnered sympathy. None were right, and all were wrong. Bravo!

There’s a man going around taking names
And he decides who to free and who to blame
Everybody won’t be treated all the same
There will be a golden ladder reaching down
When the man comes around

The Blacklist - Season 1

“She’s a suspect, Harold, they all are.” In the midst of investigating and stopping ‘The Good Samaritan,’ everyone working at the Black Site had to endure an investigation from the higher ups to determine which one of them was in cahoots with Anslo Garrick and responsible for the desths during Garrick’s siege on the site. This had two major surprises in store for fans. One, was that none of the agents wanted to betray Red. Liz may not always see eye-to-eye with Reddington, but she and him have reached an understanding. As for Ressler, spending time with Red in The Box has changed the agent’s perception of Red. They may not be ready to go to the movies with one another, but Ressler has come to respect Red. The second surprise was discovering how Diane Fowler is in cahoots with Alan Alda aka “Fitch,” a US Senator. I guess we now know who the mole is, or could another be in the FBI’s midst?

The hairs on your arm will stand up
At the terror in each sip and in each sup
Will you partake of that last offered cup
Or disappear into the potter’s ground?
When the man comes around

“I’m telling you the truth. I promise.” The FBI may have had their hands full, but so did Red. Red’s investigation into the FBI’s mole was quite interesting. He may not have discovered the mole’s identity (yet), but he managed to figure out that someone he trusted, Newton Phillips, was responsible for paying the Apple Man for spying on Liz for Garrick. Red killing Newton was kind of sad, as he suffocated Newton while Newton looked across the water, but I have to say his saddest kill was the desperately broke paramedic. Red told the woman that he believed she had no idea who gave her the money for taking out the tracker in his shoulder, and killed her anyway. What made it worse was when he told her right before, “You have such a pretty face, and a paramedic. What a shame.”

Then the father hen will call his chicken’s home
The wise man will bow down before the throne
And at his feet they will cast their golden crowns
When the man comes around

The Blacklist - Season 1

“So we’re back to where we began: me speaking with you.” Red may have managed to clean his own house, but because the FBI mole’s identity is still a mystery to him, Red has decided to return to his original plan and only talk to Liz. Red and Liz’ relationship is one of my favorite, and I loved the easy way the two talked about recent events. Liz didn’t talk to Red like an Agent, but a friend. When she told him, “Welcome back,” it really seemed like she missed him. This seemed to bring the story full circle from the beginning when Liz decided to take The Good Samaritan case because it seemed like one Red would have wanted her to work. Liz may or may not be Red’s daughter, but she seems to be learning to understand and trust him. Just like Red trusts her not to try and apprehend him. Now that the two are working together again, I wonder how long it’ll be before the agency tries to make Liz bring Red back in. I hope it’s not for some time.

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts
And I looked and behold, a pale horse
And his name that sat on it was Death
And Hell followed with him

As I said before, Red may not work within the legal limits, but he gets result. The methodical way he worked his investigation says a lot about how his mind works. For most of the episode I cheered Red on, but I have to admit my breath caught when Red kidnapped Aram and held him at gunpoint while Aram wired money for Reddington. Aram is a nice addition and the FBI need someone with computer skills on their Blacklist Team. Luckily for us, and Aram, Red figured out Aram was a patsy. Aram wasn’t the only thing I loved about the episode, but I also loved the change in Liz and Ressler’s relationship. Since Ressler’s time with Red in The Box, Donald appears to trust Liz more, and doesn’t seem to giving her side-eye all the time. Now they seem more like partners, and less like an FBI agent spying on someone he thinks is dirty. “The Good Samaritan Killer” gave us few answers and in true The Blacklist fashion, it gave us more questions. I don’t know about you, but are you as excited as I am to see how they get answered? The series has a full order season, so we’re in for a world-wind. Get ready!