Breaking Bad Episode (5×16) Promo – “Felina” (Series Finale)


Breaking Bad Walt and Jesse Title

All Bad Things Must Come to An End

On this week’s episode of Breaking Bad, Walter fled prosecution and gave into defeat until he got a new lease on vengeance. Disowned, disavowed, and left alone by all the people he cares for, Walter had relinquished his desire to keep fighting his cancer until the Schwartzes lied about his role in the formation of Gray Matter. Back in season 1 it was losing his job and being reminded how his “friends” stole his company from him that set Walter on the path he’s on today.

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Jesse, too, has lost everything. Still in Todd’s captivity, now that Jesse has watched Todd execute Andrea, the kid is feeling down and out, but for how long? In the past Jesse has also gone into loose cannon mode when his back has been up against the wall. Surrounded by his enemies who would kill him at a moment’s notice is it wasn’t for the fact Jesse was taught by Heisenberg to cook meth. Next Sunday is the series finale, and creator Vince Gilligan isn’t giving anything away.

How do you want the series to end? Check out the series finale promo for episode 5×16, “Felina,” below, and be sure to leave your theories in the comments below!

Don’t miss the series finale of Breaking Bad, Sun., Sept. 29 at 9/8c.