Breaking Bad: Inside Episode 5×14 – “Ozymandias”


Breaking Bad 5x14 - Ozymandias 2

The Cast and Crew of Breaking Bad Take You Behind-The-Scenes of Episode 514, “Ozymandias”

In episode 514 of Breaking Bad, viewers finally learned the outcome of the previous episode’s Mexican Stand-off between Hank & Gomez and the Aryan Brotherhood. Long story short: things didn’t turn out well for Gomez or Hank as Gomez was shot during the shootout and Hank was executed by Jack. Jesse Pinkman also suffered for his role in the proceedings when Walter revealed to him his role in Jane’s death and gives him over to Todd to “deal with.” Not only that, but Walter ended up giving Jack $70 million of his hard-earned money to save Hank’s life when that was never even an option. The cast and crew discuss two of the pivotal scenes in the episode by taking fans “Inside Breaking Bad.”

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Director Rian Johnson walks you through the compound where Jesse is held in Episode 514. In the video Aaron Paul along with make-up effects artist Garrett Immel discusse the process Paul underwent to look beat up and tortured. In the scene Todd is removing Jesse from the cellar Jesse is being held in to force Jesse into helping him make Meth up to Lydia’s standards. In effect, Jesse has become Todd’s slave as Pinkman is kept chained on a dog run during the operation.

Walter White finally reaps what he has sown as Heisenberg in “Ozymandias” when Jack kills Hank right in front of him. Later, Walter also losses his wife and children after Skylar learns of Hank’s death and decides she’s had enough. Now that Walter Jr. knows the truth about his father, he no longer views Walter as the father he always knew and love, but a monster. Meanwhile, Jesse is faced with certain death until Todd steps in to spare his life. Watch as executive producer/creator Vince Gilligan and the cast discuss the episode, and what their characters were feeling in episode 514.

Breaking Bad Episode 5×15, “Granite State,” Airs Sunday, September 22nd at 9PM on AMC